Efforts to promote education using ICT
Efforts to promote education using ICT

basic way of thinking

We aim to create an ICT environment that anyone can use safely and effectively and efficiently in educational activities. Specifically, we will use ICT to achieve the following, which are currently required of institutions of higher education.

Addressing the role of education
From “what we know” to “what we can do”

Responding to new learning and teaching methods
From analog to digital (to a learning environment that does not matter where, when, or how many people)
From passive to proactive learning (from listening to classes to an environment where you can research and learn on your own)

Responding to student diversity
Diversification of progress from the entrance (current state of the learner) to the exit (goals)


Development of promotion system

Based on Educational Philosophy and Educational Guidelines of our university, we will develop a system that integrates planning, implementation, and management to realize the effective and efficient use of ICT. An information center organization that maintains information infrastructure, an educational development support organization that supports teachers in the effective use of ICT in classes, and a learning support organization that supports students in learning using ICT. Establish a promotion system by aiming to

Environmental maintenance

By utilizing ICT, while streamlining education and learning, we will develop the following environment so that it will be the underpinnings for achieving high effects.

  • Collection and management of learning data: Continuous collection of common standard data in a form that can be used
  • Flexible use of learning data: Development of an environment that enables the use (analysis, etc.) of collected data
  • Developing a network environment: Building a safe, stable, high-speed, and highly convenient network environment
  • Utilization of learning support systems: Maximize the use of learning support systems such as LMS and learning portfolio systems for the purpose of improving student learning effectiveness and convenience.

Development of support system

Develop, maintain, and periodically review a support system that allows students and faculty members to use ICT fairly and equitably in their educational activities. As a general rule, we will provide the following support on the premise that consultations from students and faculty members will be realized.

  • Support educational activities using ICT for students and faculty members
  • Supporting new initiatives using ICT by students and faculty members

Response to safety

Respond in accordance with the "Teikyo University Information Security Basic Concept" and "Information Security Basic Policy".