Efforts to Prevent Harassment
Efforts to Prevent Harassment

The University has established necessary matters regarding measures to prevent harassment and measures to take appropriate measures in the event of problems caused by harassment. We also hold harassment workshops for faculty and staff, and take measures to prevent them, such as listing them in handouts. We provide appropriate management to current students, such as by posting them on the handouts of each campus and providing guidance, and instructing them to consult with the Student Affairs Division if they occur.

Harassment acts are stipulated as follows, and we will secure a working environment / research environment where faculty members can fully demonstrate their abilities and an educational environment that does not hinder students' aspirations.

Sexual harassment

It means that sexual behavior harms the working environment of other employees in the workplace, that sexual behavior makes students uncomfortable and gives an educational disadvantage, or that it harms the educational environment or research environment.

Power harassment

Improper work behavior that an employee makes to another employee by improperly using his or her job status or authority.

Academic harassment

When staff members abuse their educational and research powers and act inappropriately toward students, they cause mental and physical damage to those people that may interfere with their studies, education, and research. Or to give a disadvantage in the study, education, or research, or to cause mental or physical damage that may interfere with the study, education, or research, or to significantly deteriorate the educational environment or research environment. Say.

Other harassment

Other than the above, students or staff may make the other student or staff member or their related persons uncomfortable, hurt their dignity, or not due to extremely inappropriate behavior against the will of the other student or staff member. It means giving profit or threat.