Faculty of Language Studies

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Practical language education for the true global citizen

The Faculty of Language Studies places a strong emphasis on cultural research as a complement to language studies. Being able to speak another language does not of itself make one a true global citizen; it is important to understand and appreciate the cultural background behind the language. Overseas exchange programs allow students to experience the world first-hand and use their language skills to engage directly with different cultures.

Admission policy

The Faculty of Language Studies aims to foster human resources capable of solving a wide range of contemporary problems, by equipping students with the foreign language skills that serve as concrete and vital tools for interacting with a global society. Whether students study their own language or that of another country or region, the language acquisition and refinement process requires vast amounts of time and patience. Only those of a certain disposition are able to successfully pursue this process. Because language learning is a long and daunting journey, the student must have interest in other cultures and languages as well as the courage to venture forth into these new worlds.
When using language as a tool, all aspects of the user's personality are put to the test at once. Therefore a successful candidate will develop not only proficiency in Japanese, English and other such subjects during high school and other pre-university studies, but also the body as a whole, including physical fitness. In short, students of the Faculity of Language Studies should possess a range of effective,well-balanced qualities.

We seek students who, through pursuit of the foregoing during their high school years (or at other educational institutions), have developed the following:

  1. 1. The patience needed to learn a foreign language or languages.
  2. 2. The ability to enjoy exploring uncharted territories, whether it be through study of foreign countries, reading books, or other means.
  3. 3. The ability to enjoy interacting with others without feeling excessively uneasy.

Key facts

Department Department of Language Studies
Teaching staff * 37
Students * 1,149

* As of May 1st, 2019