Providing facilities and services as well as books and publications

Teikyo University libraries house an extensive range of physical publications while providing a range of facilities and services such as booths for browsing e-journals and e-books and dedicated study and research rooms.

Itabashi Campus library

Featuring an extensive array of specialized medical texts

The Itabashi Campus library, also known as the Teikyo University Medical Library, was formed in April 2012 through the merger of the former medicine and pharmacology libraries. The new library, consisting primarily of medical texts as well as e-books and e-journals, services the three faculties on campus (Medicine, Pharma-Science and Medical Technology) as well as the Teikyo group in general. The library is located in the basement of the main university building, and can be accessed until midnight every day except Sunday via the automated visitor entry system. The fully automated lending system can be used after hours when library staff are not present.

Titles 235,787
Floor area 3,000.5m2
Seats 491

* Figures as at March 31, 2018

Hachioji Campus library

Extensive range of electronic publications geared towards media literacy

The Hachioji Campus library, also known as the Teikyo University Media Library Center, has a strong focus on media literacy as evidenced in the increasing use of electronic texts throughout the university and starting a project of joint reading library in 2012 to support self-directed study.
The library has five levels: the basement houses the media lounge and archives; the ground floor houses the browsing area, admin offices and the main counter; the second floor has a multimedia center with computer workstations and audio/video booths; and the third and fourth floors hold the remainder of the physical collection along with seats and study spaces. The building is designed to earthquake-proof standards.

Titles 781,250
Floor area 8,231m2
Seats 1,805

* Figures as at March 31, 2018

Utsunomiya Campus library

Featuring e-books and safety features such as low book racks

The Utsunomiya Campus library has introduced lower book racks to improve safety and create a more open, light-filled environment. Following extensive damage during the Great East Japan Earthquake, the library is now shifting to a digital collection.
The three-story library building has reading rooms on every floor as well as administration offices on the first floor and audio-video rooms on the second floor. Expensive dictionaries and reference books are being digitized for more convenient on-line access and to minimize damage in the event of a future earthquake or other disaster.

Titles 111,913
Floor area 1,565m2
Seats 355

* Figures as at March 31, 2018

Fukuoka Campus library

An extensive range of facilities and equipment for every purpose

Fukuoka Campus library has 140 seats for browsing as well as cubicles for private study and multi-purpose training rooms for groups. With enough racks to accommodate around 87,000 items, the library has a vast store of specialist subject material available in the permanent collection.

Titles 63,811
Floor area 665m2
Seats 137

* Figures as at March 31, 2018