Faculty of Education

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Cultivating the skills to contribute to society in the wider sense

Originally set up as the Department of Education within the Faculty of Liberal Arts in 1973, the Faculty of Education was restructured as an independent entity in 2012 to accommodate the growing need for a more practical and immediate focus in teacher training accompanied by quality guarantees. The Faculty sees teacher training as part of a wider discipline encompassing humanity, education and society and to this end encourages educational and research connections between schools and communities and the world at large. In order to nurture the potential in each and every student, the educational programs are designed to provide a learning environment conducive to serendipitous discovery, independent growth and development, and collaboration and joint endeavor between students.

Admission policy

The Faculty of Education aims to provide students with theoretical knowledge in various areas of educational science, along with practical teaching skills. To this end, we offer a wide-ranging, thorough education and perspective, and we equip students with specialized knowledge and skills. Concurrently we foster the drive necessary for lifelong learning, which in turn promotes the vitality and passion demanded by today's school environments. Through such education and research endeavors, we focus our efforts on the training of human resources to work in secondary education and primary education; on personnel capable of obtaining multiple certifications in the preschool education field, which encompasses nursery schools, kindergartens, and daycare facilities; and on human resources capable of serving in the field of lifetime learning and a wide range of other such education-related areas.

In addition to developing sound academic abilities through courses of study, high school students (and those at other institutions) should actively take part in a wide variety of activities and experiences both inside and outside of the school environment. Such preparation will enrich one's sensibilities and mind, foster sociability, grow and develop one's body in a healthy manner, and forster one's interest in a diverse range of issues and areas.

We seek students who have pursued the foregoing during their high school years (or at other educational institutions) and possess the following:

  1. 1. A wide-ranging interest in people, education, and society, as well as the desire to learn more about these and continue learning throughout one's life.
  2. 2. The strength and perseverance needed to independently set and pursue one's own goals by engaging thoroughly in one's studies.
  3. 3. A strong interest in education, daycare and so forth, and the ethical views and sense of responsibility needed to govern oneself in related occupations.

Key facts

  • Department of Education and Culture
  • Department of Elementary Education
Teaching staff * 52
Students * 1,326

* As of May 1st, 2019