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The Faculty of Liberal Arts offers a broad selection of courses in areas ranging from literature and history to behavioral science. All courses incorporate a general comprehension and linguistic skills component which enhances basic skills used in all fields of endeavor and encourages students to adopt a broader perspective on humanity. The open curriculum allows credits for subjects from other faculties, providing a unique learning environment where students have free reign to pursue their individual interests.

Admission policy

The Faculty of Liberal Arts aims to take students back to the basics of academic learning while cultivating in them specialized abilities and providing wide range of education that can be put to practical use in the workplace.
The Faculty teaches students to examine themselves and the world from a diverse array of viewpoints, in ways firmly focused on the fundamental character of human beings. In regard to basic knowledge, skills and so forth in the humanities, students are expected to focus strongly on developing problems-solving skills for various situations, cultivate open-minded views, and acquire keen insight and critical thinking skills, which is why it is extremely important for students to proactively pursue studies in a wide range of basic education fields during high school and other pre-university years.
We seek students who, through pursuit of the above during their high school years (or at other educational institutions), have developed the following.

  1. 1. The basic knowledge necessary—comprising basic academic skills—to pursue both specialized and wide range of studies
  2. 2. The self-driven desire to question and explore human ideas and feelings regarding prosperity, happiness and other such concepts
  3. 3. The ability to think about a variety of different problems and issues in a multifaceted and logical manner while engaging in discussions with others
  4. 4. Interest in all things on an international scale as well as the desire to contribute toward advances and improvements in various societies through the utilization of rich imaginative powers and expressive capabilities

Key facts

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Teaching staff * 83
Students * 2,964

* As of May 1st, 2018