Hachioji Campus

The largest campus of Teikyo University in terms of student population

Situated amongst the undulating Tama hills, Hachioji Campus is a modern and well-equipped campus that encompasses a range of disciplines, being home to Teikyo University faculties as well as several graduate schools, the junior college, and an elementary school and kindergarten. It has the largest student population of the five Teikyo University campuses.

1 Main building
  • Administration
  • Teaching Center
  • Center for Global Education
  • Mock courtroom
  • Tea room
  • Higher Education Development Center
11 Junior College No.2 building
  • Computer lab
  • Convenience store (Seven-Eleven)
21 Gymnasium building
  • Student lounge
  • Cafeteria
  • Indoor pool
  • Judo room
  • Clubrooms
2 Teikyo University Media Library Center
(Okinaga Memorial Library)
12 Choyukan
  • Arena
  • Student cafeteria
  • Central control room
22 Front entrance
3 No.7 building
  • Mycology Research Center
  • Media classroom
13 No.15 building 23 Mogusa ground - rugby
4 No.8 building
  • IT Center
  • Computer labs
  • Multimedia rooms
  • LL classrooms
14 No.1 sports ground - multi-purpose 24 Gymnasium
5 No.9 building
  • Calligraphy room
15 No.2 sports ground - soccer and athletics 25 Teikyo University Kindergarten
6 No.10 building
  • Multimedia rooms
16 No.3 sports ground - American football 26 No.17 building
  • Geology classrooms
  • Social studies classrooms
  • Home economics classrooms
7 No.11 building
  • Psychology lab
  • Multimedia rooms
17 Tennis courts 27 Training center
8 No 12 building
  • Archaeology classrooms
  • Health education classrooms
  • English classrooms
  • Mathematics classrooms
  • Multimedia rooms
  • Counseling service
18 Teikyo University Mental Health Center 28 Institute of Sports Science & Medicine
9 Teikyo University Elementary School 19 Convenience store (Sankus) 29 Martial arts center
10 Junior college No.1 building
  • Kinokuniya bookstore
  • University shop
  • Photocopying center
20 Bus terminal    

Buildings and facilities

1. Center for Global Education
Run by friendly staff fluent in a number of foreign languages, the Center for Global Education cultivates cross-cultural awareness and understanding by providing guidance and assistance to local students seeking to study abroad as well as international students at Teikyo University.

1. PR group and visitor reception
The PR group organizes events for high school students such as the regular open campus day, and also coordinates weekday ad-hoc visits and application procedures.

1. Ask Anything counter
Part of the Student Support Center, the Ask Anything counter fields inquiries on any and all topics related to campus life at Teikyo, including general academic issues, health queries, career and course advice and relationship counseling.

2. Teikyo University Media Library Center
(Okinaga Memorial Library)

The Media Library Center houses some 650,000 publications and has 1,800 seating spots along with computer stations for title searches and report writing.

8. Student health clinic
The student health clinic has doctors and nurses permanently on call to treat illness and injury concerns and also provides health advice and counseling by appointment.

10. University shop
The university shop stocks a wide range of stationery lines and Teikyo University products as well as equipment and goods for sporting clubs and groups.

10. Kinokuniya bookshop
The Kinokuniya bookshop stocks a wide range of textbooks as well as general books and magazines and is popular with students, not least because of the 10% discount on all books.

12. Student cafeteria (Choyukan)
In addition to an extensive menu of hot meals, the student cafeteria features its own bakery, which is always popular from the 11 am performance until sold out shortly after lunch.

12. Arena
Arena is the name of the spacious gymnasium facility located on the third floor of the Choyukan building, which is used by a range of sporting clubs and groups.

14. No.1 sports ground
The No.1 sports ground is a multi-purpose artificial turf facility commonly used for catchball and soccer practice during lunch and after classes.

20. Bus terminal
This Bus terminal is serviced by bus routes from the three railway stations nearest Hachioji Campus. Buses depart frequently and some operate to express timetables.

21. Student lounge
The student lounge is a spacious area featuring high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glass paneling. It is used for a variety of events, gatherings and social occasions.

25. Teikyo University Kindergarten
Teikyo University Kindergarten on Hachioji Campus is dedicated to helping young children achieve independence while learning together through group activities.

26. No.17 building
The three-story No.17 building, with a total floor area of 7,000m2, houses eight multimedia classrooms and labs as well as a lounge and rooftop terrace. It features a light-filled atrium in the center that gives the building an open and spacious feel.

29. Martial arts center
The martial arts center houses karate on the ground floor, judo on the second floor and kendo on the third floor, and will soon have training rooms and a therapy center.