Principle of Teikyo University

School Philosophy

Through applied programs we aim to develop skilled human resources who
- Recognize that achievement comes from effort,
- Have open minds and extensive knowledge,
- Think from an international perspective,
- Have creativity and good character.

Educational Philosophy

What does "one's way" mean?
"One's way" refers to a life philosophy whereby one finds their purpose or interests and learns the knowledge and skills to maximize their own unique individuality to their advantage. One assumes full responsibility for the consequences of their actions. We offer our support to encourage students to learn to live their lives 'their way.'

Educational Guidelines

Practical learning that helps student master logical thinking skills through real-world experience.
International perspective that helps students learn how to understand and experience other cultures.
Open mindedness that helps student learn a balanced mix of knowledge and skills that are necessary for your future.

Diploma policy

Based on the spirit of our founders, we at Teikyo University have made the training of skilled human resources our goal and our mission. Toward this end, we have adopted the "one's way" educational philosophy, as well as the specific educational approaches of "practical learning," "international perspective" and "open mindedness." Furthermore, we set educational goals for each faculty and department. Accordingly, we organize curricula incorporating both general-education and specialized subjects of study.

Students who cultivate the following skills and abilities, and complete the specified curriculum and academic credits, will be conferred a diploma:

  1. 1. Skills and abilities specified in educational goals for the University's general education curriculum.
  2. 2. Wide-ranging educational refinement, a sense and understanding of social ethics, abundant creativity, and deep character.
  3. 3. Knowledge and skills in a specialized field or fields, as well as the desire to utilize these for contributions to society at large.
  4. 4. Understanding of other cultures as well as the grounding and abilities needed to make decisions based on a clear international perspective.
  5. 5. The ability to learn in cooperation with others while maintaining independence, as well as the ability to form relationships that mutually elevate and improve oneself and others.

Curriculum policy

In order to ensure that students acquire the skills and abilities necessary for a diploma, Teikyo University logically and effectively organizes educational curricula for both general-education and specialized-subject studies throughout each faculty and department, and offers lectures courses, seminars, practical training, and related learning formats in appropriate combinations and amounts.

In addition, we take the utmost care to ensure that the necessary teaching, and guidance for the courses are provided in an effort to improve the quality of our education.

Curricula are designed for each area of study based on the following policies:

  1. 1. In the area of general-education studies, we design curricula to ensure that students acquire the abilities needed for lifelong learning, based on Teikyo University's mission for general education.
  2. 2. In the area of specialized-subject studies, we promote self-driven learning for areas of specialization within each faculty and department, and systematically design curricula to facilitate acquisition of knowledge and skills.
  3. 3. Based on our policy of practical learning, we design curricula to cultivate logical thinking through the practical application of skills and knowledge.
  4. 4. Based on our international perspective policy, we design curricula to ensure that students acquire intercultural understanding.
  5. 5. Based on our policy open-mindedness, we design curricula to ensure that students can acquire a wide range of necessary knowledge and skills in an even, well-balanced manner in order to broaden their perspectives and thinking.

Admission policy

In accordance with the spirit of our founders, and with the aim of fostering human resources possessing the skills necessary for a Teikyo University diploma, we seek and accept applicants throughout Japan and the world who possess the following qualities:

  1. 1. An understanding of Teikyo University’s school philosophy, educational philosophy, and educational guidelines, and a desire to study at the University.
  2. 2. The basic academic skills and desire to learn required for study at Teikyo University following enrollment.
  3. 3. The attitude necessary for continual, sustained effort toward the acquisition of wide-ranging knowledge in a well-rounded, unbiased manner.
  4. 4. The desire to grow of one's own accord through study and experiences at Teikyo University, as well as the will to use the results of that growth to contribute to society.
  5. 5. A clear sense of purpose, along with the desire to proactively collaborate with others in one's studies.

In order to find and select students with these qualities, we evaluate all candidates in a multifaceted and comprehensive manner.

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