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Faculty of Medical Technology Department of Sport and Medical Science Top Athlete Course

As a player or leader
Develop human resources who can play an active role in the future

The Top Athlete Course in the Department of Sport and Medical Science at the Faculty of Medical Technology is exclusively for sports recommenders.

This course is exclusively for sports recommenders and is for those who want to learn more about the competitions they have been engaged on and to improve their skills. After enrollment, students will focus on the sports they compete in, while balancing lectures and practical training.

About Top Athlete Course

This course develops human resources who can make accurate judgments and respond as athletes of all sports and their instructors. There are many parts in common with the Sports Health Course, and along with this course, we aim to acquire qualifications such as health and physical education teachers, athletic trainers, and health exercise instructors, and develops human resources who can contribute to society. Furthermore, this course focuses on training athletes, and is characterized by learning not only techniques and teaching methods but also attitudes as athletes, objectively grasping sports, and thinking about future issues. 

Introduction of characteristic lessons

Athletes exercise

The active coaches will guide the team operation, guidance and management in addition to the spirit and attitude necessary for the athlete as a coach. Learn how to set clear goals, the importance of image training, and how to develop the communication skills and followership required of leaders. By actually learning through competition, students will not only train their physical, but also strengthen their mental and improve their qualities as a future sports instructor.

Physical education method exercise

Physical education method exercise

Learn the significance of sports that are practiced everywhere, such as professional sports, community sports, and school physical education, through literature organization, debate, group work, and training skills, think about the challenges of sports, and learn how to teach them. Students will also learn about conditioning for maximum performance, such as stretching, massage, icing, and aquatic training, and understand how to prevent breakdowns and injuries. By grasping sports from various angles and providing many places to present them, students will also develop the ability to logically summarize their thoughts and present them in an easy-to-understand manner.

  • * The grade evaluation and credit recognition of this course will be the same as the page of the Sports Health Course of the Department of Sport and Medical Science. Please refer to the following page for details.

Department of Sport and Medical Science Grade evaluation and credit recognition of Sports Health Course


Syllabus of the Top Athlete Course of the Department of Sport and Medical Science