Education in the Emergency Medical Technician Course
Education in the Emergency Medical Technician Course

We train emergency medical technician who will contribute widely to society.

In order to become an emergency medical technician, students not only learn the basic knowledge and skills necessary to perform medical treatment and safely transport the injured to the hospital, but also they are required to take and pass the national emergency medical technician examination and the firefighter recruitment examination. This course provides many learning opportunities for students to support their growth in many ways.

What is a emergency medical technician?

What is an emergency medical technician?
A rescuer belonging to each fire department who performs specific actions such as drug administration as a prehospital care (pre-hospital rescue) only while transporting the injured or sick from the scene of a disaster or traffic accident to the front of the hospital. This is called an emergency medical technician person.
Currently, the goal is to have at least one emergency medical technician on board the ambulances of local governments nationwide, and their importance is increasing day by day.

Features of the Department of Sport and Medical Science Emergency Medical Technician Course

In this course, in order to train emergency medical technicians who have sufficient knowledge and skills and contribute widely to the local community, various efforts are made centering on measures for the "National emergency medical technician Examination" and the "Firefighter Recruitment Examination". In addition to regular classes, it is an opportunity for students to become aware of and deepen their understanding by communicating with a wide range of generations, such as abundant on-campus and off-campus training and volunteer activities for first aid classes held in the community.

To become a emergency medical technician

Establish knowledge through repeated practice

Emergency medical technician national examination preparation-By repeatedly practicing, knowledge for the test will be established-
Knowledge of medicine and treatment, as well as knowledge and skills in actually transporting the victim, are essential for emergency medical technician. Of course, it is a very important point in the national emergency medical technician examination. In this course, you will repeatedly practice what you have learned in class in practice and deepen your knowledge through events such as volunteer activities. Since there are many opportunities to practice, you can create an image of the actual site, so you can develop the ability to respond to more emergencies.

Develop the ability to think calmly and speak logically

Firefighter recruitment exam preparation-supports students to develop their abilities to think calmly and speak logically-
emergency medical technician work as firefighters must be calm at all times. There are many opportunities to interact with people of a very wide range of generations, such as the injured and their families, and it is possible that they may be upset, especially when rushing in for an emergency, so it is important to speak in a calm manner. In this course, you will develop the ability to talk logically to a given question and the skill to convey your opinion to the other person properly, and not only the specialized knowledge necessary as a emergency medical technician, but also the effort for the community. We will improve the qualities required of civil servants.

Specific examples of test measures

Employment support course
Support for becoming a firefighter is also substantial, and public servant basic measures courses, firefighter measures courses, etc. are offered. In addition, regarding interviews, we take all possible measures even within the Emergency Medical Technician Course, and the instructor in charge of employment will carefully face each student and conduct a mock interview. This will give you the ability to be aware of how you will be seen as a truly trusted emergency medical technician in the field, as well as to be able to speak without fear in an actual firefighter recruitment interview. Taking advantage of this course, which has many teachers from emergency medical technician, by intensively asking the parts that are really needed by emergency medical technician, students will be aware of it on a daily basis and will also be aware of the meaning and purpose of everyday learning, deepening their understandings.

Strengthening reading comprehension using newspapers
We are training to read newspaper articles on a daily basis, think about what is important, and summarize the points. The content that teachers select articles every time is very suitable for students who are not in print, and by doing this every day, they will develop reading comprehension for national examinations and civil servant recruitment examinations.

Other characteristic efforts

Voluntary practice
The students of the Emergency Medical Technician Course, who practice a lot on and off campus, naturally gather in the training room in their spare time and voluntarily practice CPR and other procedures. By practicing daily in cooperation with students, such as not only practicing between classmates but also teaching junior students by senior students, students will gain a better understanding of the knowledge and skills that can play an active role as an emergency medical technician technician, and the ability to respond in the field. 

Volunteer activities in the community
In this course, we regularly hold lifesaving training and volunteer activities for neighbors. Participating as a Senior Assistant Professor in disaster prevention drills held in Itabashi Ward and Kita Ward (both in Tokyo) every year, and treating local residents with familiar things such as cloth scraps and falling down on the road. We are instructing measures to increase the possibility of being saved even a little when a person is found. In addition, at the Itabashi City Marathon held in Itabashi Ward, we support participating runners as life-saving volunteers. Through these, we will not only widely inform the community about lifesaving, but also confirm and rediscover knowledge by instructing people. By interacting with a wide range of generations, from small children to the elderly in the community, we are also learning how to communicate with people. In addition, since the on-site response of emergency medical technician is often related to the elderly, experience such as volunteer activities is useful for playing an active role as a emergency medical technician.