Graduate School of Medicine

  • Itabashi Campus

Medical professionals with a flair for research

The Graduate School of Medicine is dedicated to cultivating clinical skills in the medical profession. While outcomes are naturally an important aspect of medical research, the research process itself can yield important insights into illness as well as better awareness of the circumstances and background of diagnosis and treatment. This in turn improves the skills of the health care professional.

Key facts

Specialization Division of Medicine (Doctoral Degree Program)
Program/outcome Doctor in Medical Science
Educational principles
Teaching staff * 0 (Except for the full-time faculty)
Students * 143

* As of May 1st, 2019


Cultivating medical researchers with practical experience

We have combined our five areas of specialization, or divisions (medicine), into a single division, and also revised our educational curriculum so that it now includes five specific fields and one specialized course. In each field as well as in the specialized course, our mission is to successfully foster human resources. However, we also provide education based on a wide and diverse range of research themes in response to the real demands of society.

Teaching staff

In the Teikyo University Teaching Staff Database, information about the staff can be searched and viewed. (Japanese information only, may not cover all staff)

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