Graduate School of Law

  • Hachioji Campus

Developing a sharp legal mind characterized by wisdom and insight

The Graduate School of Law is committed to developing the finest legal minds combining expertise and acumen with an insight and understanding into the human condition.

Key facts

Specialization Division of Law
  • Stage 1 of doctoral program (Master's Degree Program) -Master's Degree in Law
  • Stage 2 of doctoral program (Doctoral Degree Program) -Doctorate in Law
Educational principles
Teaching staff * 0 (Except for the full-time faculty)
Students * 6

* As of May 1st, 2019


Focus on case methods

Expert consultants and prominent figures from academia, government, private industry and the legal profession present case methods used to examine a variety of judicial precedents and develop a deeper understanding of how the law functions in society.

Division of Law
  • Extending legal studies into legal research
    The Faculty of Law curriculum was extensively restructured in 2010 to allow more time for the civil service entrance examination as well as case studies and real-life situations. The mission of the Graduate School of Law is to build on undergraduate legal studies in pursuing more in-depth legal research. Both stages of the doctoral program have a strong focus in on developing legal acumen through legal research, particularly the study of case methods.
  • Developing a practical approach to the law
    The first stage of the doctoral program is designed to develop a practical approach to the law based on advanced expertise and logical thinking. The course is geared towards private sector careers such as licensed tax accountant and legal consultant. The second stage of the doctoral program has a stronger research focus and leads to specialization in advanced areas of the law.

Teaching staff

In the Teikyo University Teaching Staff Database, information about the staff can be searched and viewed. (Japanese information only, may not cover all staff)