security export control
security export control

Security Export Control at Teikyo University and Teikyo University Junior College

In recent years, amid growing concerns about the outflow of sensitive technologies related to security, we comply with the "Exporter Compliance Standards" stipulated by law, and are subject to regulations in order to maintain international peace and security, including Japan. It is required to appropriately manage and operate the cargo and technology of
At our university, as we further promote international personnel exchanges and joint research with overseas universities and research institutes, it is important for our university to conduct appropriate management and operation when exporting cargo and providing technology. This is an important effort to maintain the credibility of
In order to maintain a free educational and research environment and carry out research activities with peace of mind, the university will appropriately and appropriately promote the development of systems related to effective security export control and the management and operation of sensitive technologies. .
We ask for the understanding and cooperation of all those involved inside and outside the university.

February 4, 2023
Director of Research Compliance Office, Teikyo University
General Manager of Security Export Control
Makoto Asashima

Teikyo University/ Teikyo University Junior College Security Export Control Regulations

Teikyo University/ Teikyo University Junior College Regulations concerning the reporting of specific category applicants based on foreign exchange laws and regulations

Organizational structure for security export control

Organizational chart for security export control

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Security Export Control (on-campus only)


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