Short-Term Training
Short-Term Training

Experience other cultures during your summer or spring vacation

Short-term training refers to programs in which students can learn languages and experience different cultures at partner schools overseas during long vacations. Since classes are not taught at our university during vacations, students can study abroad without affecting their course plans. There are no language requirements, and the local staff are very supportive, so even students who have never traveled abroad can participate with peace of mind.

  • Eligible participants: Students enrolled at Hachioji Campus, Itabashi Campus, Utsunomiya Campus, and Teikyo University Junior College
    (Please check with each campus for the host universities that are recruiting.)
  • Dispatch period: Approximately 1 to 3 weeks
  • Grant: Depending on the campus you are assigned to, you may receive a grant of up to 100,000 yen depending on your placement.
  • Credit transfer: Depending on the campus and year, there is a credit transfer system for up to 4 credits.
  • Application period: Summer: April to May, Spring: September to October
  • How to apply: Details will be posted on the Campus Square and bulletin boards on each campus.

Program Introduction


In the short-term training program in the United Kingdom, students aim to acquire English skills in a short period of about 3 weeks while staying at the London campus. At the same time, students can experience history, tradition, and state-of-the-art culture as they visit museums, castles, and other historic sites and go sightseeing around the city. In addition, a homestay program is available to those who wish to stay with a host family for one night and two days, providing the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of the local people and engage in cultural exchange with them.

• Study Abroad Destination: Teikyo University Group London Campus
• Language: English

University of Oregon

The University of Oregon, located in Oregon, is famous for its sports, and offers courses on topics such as sustainability, marketing, and sports business, so it is recommended for those aiming for a higher level of English.
Extracurricular activities include observing classes at the University of Oregon and visiting companies, so the program allows students to experience not only American culture but also the material they learn in class.

■Study abroad location: University of Oregon
■ Language: English

IUPUI University in Indiana

IUPUI University in Indiana is a urban state research university with 17 departments. It was formed in 1969 when two separate Indianapolis universities, Indiana University and Purdue University, joined to become one school. This program allows students to improve their English language skills and experience American culture through language learning at the university, which is home to approximately 22,000 undergraduate students and 8,000 graduate students, as well as a homestay experience.

■Study Destination: Oregon State University Language Center, IUPUI University Language Center ELS (Currently not available)
■ Language: English

Vancouver Island University (Summer) and College of the Rockies (Spring)

Two programs are offered: one at Vancouver Island University (summer) and one at College of the Rockies (spring). In both programs, students aim to improve their language skills while taking English classes and staying with a host family. Extracurricular activities such as cross-country skiing and curling allow students to experience Canadian culture.


• Study Abroad Destination (Summer): Vancouver Island University
• Study Abroad Destination (Spring): College of the Rockies
• Language: English

University of Wollongong (Summer) Griffith University (Spring)

Two programs are offered: one at the University of Wollongong (summer) and one at Griffith University (spring). Students will take a placement test and be divided into classes that are appropriate for their level. They will also be placed in homestay accommodations arranged by the local government, giving them an environment in which to practice English in their daily lives. Extracurricular activities include going to the beach, having barbecues, and other activities that can only be experienced near the ocean. The location also offers easy access to the city center, allowing students to enjoy sightseeing.

■Study location (summer): UOW College, an affiliated language facility of the University of Wollongong
■Study location (spring): Griffith University Language Institute GELI
■ Language: English

CIEF, the language institute affiliated with the University of Burgundy

I will be taking part in a language study program in France run by the Japan-France Cultural Association during my summer vacation. I aim to learn French with international students through not only language study but also cultural experience activities.

■Study abroad: CIEF (language institute affiliated with the University of Burgundy), ILFC (Catholic University of Lyon), etc.
■ Language: French

University of Santiago de Compostela

Students will participate in a program sponsored by Spanish Communications Co., Ltd. and aim to learn Spanish alongside international students from other countries at a language institute affiliated with our school. Upon arrival, students will take a placement test and take classes suited to their level. Extracurricular activities include visits to the Ría de Arousa and the Santiago de Compostela Archcathedral Basilica, where students learn about Spanish history and culture through prior study. Students also have the opportunity to experience biking in nature, dancing, and a tapas tour of traditional Spanish cuisine.

■Study abroad: University of Santiago de Compostela, etc.
■ Language: Spanish

Jilin University of Finance and Economics and Economics, Beijing Language and Culture University

In this program, students aim to acquire Chinese language skills in a short period of time. There will also be opportunities to interact with students from other countries and experience international exchange. In addition to language classes, this program allows students to experience Chinese culture through a variety of cultural experiences.

■Study abroad: Jilin University of Finance and Economics, Beijing Language and Culture University
■ Language: Chinese

Dong-A University, Jeju National University, University of Suwon, Hanyang University

There are four university programs, all of which feature a complete schedule for learning Korean, experiencing Korean culture, and interacting with local students, so that students can have a fulfilling experience. Some programs offer partial fee waivers to students who were offered invitations.


■Study abroad: Dong-A University, Jeju National University, The University of Suwon, Hanyang University, Soongsil University
■ Language: Korean

GLS Berlin

At GLS Berlin in Berlin, Germany, you can choose to study either intermediate-advanced German or English and beginner-level German. After class, there are various field trips, and the program allows you to experience German culture while visiting historical tourist sites such as the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg Gate.

■Study location: GLS Berlin
■ Languages: English, German

  • * Some programs are not listed, so please contact each campus for details.