Study Abroad in Durham
Study Abroad in Durham

You can experience full-scale study abroad in half a year

Study Abroad in Durham

Durham Study Abroad is a program that allows you to study in the UK with a curriculum and cost that only the Teikyo University Group can offer. In addition to language training and lectures in English both on and off the Teikyo University Durham campus, you can experience campus life at a UK university through participation in the college system of Durham University, which has a unique agreement with our university, and various communities. In addition to improving your English, you can also develop an international perspective that can only be obtained through such experiences, allowing you to lead a fulfilling study abroad experience.

Proven Results

Many students use this study abroad program every year. The Durham Campus has provided many students with a place to study abroad for the past 30 years, and has played a central role in promoting "International perspectives" in Teikyo University's Educational Guidelines.

■ Number of students sent to Durham to study abroad by year
2018 15 first half, 14 second half
2019 25 first half, 64 second half

2022 19 first term, 24 second term
2023 1st term: 25, 2nd term: 29

  • * Includes the number of dispatched students from Teikyo Heisei University.
  • * From the second semester of 2018, all students Faculty of Language Studies will be included as study abroad participants.
  • * From the first semester of 2023, this includes language and cultural training programs in the Department Department of Global Japanese Studies Faculty of Language Studies.

For more information about Durham Campus and Studying in Durham, please visit the Durham Campus website. Detailed explanations of college life and annual events, as well as photos of past study abroad life are posted.

Teikyo University of Durham Campus

■ Study abroad destination: Teikyo University Durham Campus
■ Language: English
■Credit card recognition: Maximum 18 credits (4-month course), Maximum 22 credits (5-month course)
University Target faculties / departments Academic year Campus
Teikyo University ・ Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics of Department of International Economy of Department of Business Administration of Department of Tourism Management
・ Faculty of Law
・Faculty of Liberal Arts Department of Japanese Cultures,Department of History of Department of Sociology
・ Faculty of Education
1st to 3rd year Hachioji
・ Faculty of Liberal Arts, Department of Psychology
・ Faculty of Language Studies
・ Faculty of Medical Technology, Department of Sport and Medical Science Sports Health Course
3rd year
・Faculty Faculty of Economics, Department of Department of Regional Economics 2nd and 3rd year Utsunomiya
Teikyo University Junior College ・ All departments 1st year Hachioji

Study Abroad in Durham (First/Late Course)

■Study period: Approximately 4 months (first course: April to July, second course: September to December) or approximately 5 months (first course: April to September, second course: September to the following February)
■ Application period: Early course: September to October, Late course: May to June
■How to apply: Applications will be announced on Campus Square

  • * The study abroad period is subject to change.
  • * There are separate participation conditions.
  • * Teikyo University Junior College is only for the latter term course.

Study abroad in Durham (special scholarship course)

Scholarships are provided to students who meet certain requirements and pass the interview screening.
Study abroad period: about 7 months (September to next March)
■ Main conditions for participation

  • IELTS for UKVI Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Overall scores of 5.5 or above.
  • GPA at the time of application must be 2.7 or higher.
  • Being able to obtain the visa required to stay in the UK for at least 6 months.
  • * Details about the recruitment period and application procedures will be announced on Campus Square.
  • * The study abroad period is subject to change.
  • * There are separate participation conditions.