Certified Study Abroad Programs
Certified Study Abroad Programs

A study abroad program that you can choose from options other than partner schools

This is a privately funded study abroad program that is approved by Teikyo University in advance. At Teikyo University, only programs provided by its affiliated organization, SAF (The Study Abroad Foundation), are eligible for accredited study abroad. As with other Teikyo University programs, you can study abroad without taking a leave of absence, and credits earned locally are eligible for credit recognition.
When preparing to study abroad, the student must interact directly with the SAF. First of all, we will obtain information through briefing sessions and individual consultations held on campus, and proceed with the procedure with the support of SAF.

What is SAF?

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It is an American licensed non-profit educational institution that organizes an international university network of more than 180 prestigious universities and is working to promote student exchanges at Asian universities centered on Japan, China, and South Korea.
Teikyo University students can choose from approximately 50 SAF study abroad destination universities in English and non-English speaking countries, and can select a study abroad destination and program according to their own objectives and desires. We regularly hold briefing sessions and study abroad counseling sessions at Teikyo University, so you can feel free to consult with a SAF study abroad advisor at the university. In addition, we also provide support for application procedures to the host university and local trouble support services, so you can study abroad worry-free.

SAF (Study Abroad Foundation) Japan Secretariat Website)

SAF contact information

SAF (Study Abroad Foundation) Japan Secretariat
1-7-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba SCEC Building 3F (IES National University Federation Tokyo Study Abroad Center)