Study Abroad Experiences
Study Abroad Experiences

Study Abroad in Durham

Study Abroad at Teikyo University of Japan in Durham at Durham University (UK)
Faculty/Department: Department of Sociology, Faculty of Liberal Arts
Exchange Year: 3rd year (in 2018)

"I learned to express myself in English more proactively."
I feel that the most important thing I gained from my study abroad experience was the growth I experienced at the language school I attended after studying at the Durham Campus. I learned to speak English more proactively by attending classes as the only Japanese student among students from various countries. I believe that studying at the Durham Campus is essential in order to see improvements at the language school. I truly appreciate how they used various activities to teach English in a manner that is easy to understand even for beginners. I think the classes will be easier for you if you practice listening to English through movies and music beforehand.

Student Exchange at Panamerican University

Student Exchange: Panamerican University (Mexico)
Faculty/Department: Department of Language Studies, Faculty of Language Studies
Exchange Year: 2nd year (in 2018)

"It was a semester full of one fulfilling day after another."
My motto is, "where there is will, there is a way." I believe there is a world of difference between thinking about something in your head and actually taking action. My study abroad experience in Aguascalientes strongly validated my belief. I ate food that I'd never tasted before. I used my broken Spanish to try and communicate. I visited new places. To do any of these things, you need the will. My time studying in Mexico was full of both fun and hardships, but each day was as fulfilling as the last.

Short-term Training in Macau: University of Macau

Short-Term Training in Macau: University of Macau (China)
Faculty/Department: Department of Law, Faculty of Law
Exchange Year: 1st year (in 2018)

"The experience is worth the challenge for those who are not confident in their language abilities."
Although it was a one-week training program, I was able to interact directly with people in a multicultural society. Since I mainly worked with local students, I was able to make local friends. Those of you who are unsure about your language abilities should definitely participate in this training program. The program will serve as a real-world reminder of where you lack language skills, and it will encourage you to improve. That certainly was my experience. I have many things to say about my experience, but the most important thing I realized is that the world is much bigger than I once thought!