A word from international students and staff

The voices of international students and staff, about Teikyo University.

Student Message

Chuon Somaly (Cambodia)

Chuon Somaly (Cambodia)

I want to save farmers in Cambodia. I take my first step toward that goal by completing my university education.

My parents in Cambodia engage in farming. Many local farmers face hardships because of unstable prices of vegetables due to increase and decrease of crop yields. My goal in the future is to get back to Cambodia and establish a company that can achieve lump-sum purchases and provide a stable supply of crops so that the prices of vegetables can be constantly maintained. To do so, I want to acquire required knowledge in accounting, bookkeeping, and economics.

Wu Zhengyang (China)

Wu Zhengyang (China)

Learn actively in your own way and totally enjoy life as a Teikyo University student.

As I attended and studied at high-level and fulfilling lectures under teachers I respect, I gradually came to build up a sense of attachment to my school. In the future, my goal is to become a legal researcher and instructor. It depends totally on yourself as to how to lead productive student life in the university. I have a strong confidence that Teikyo University, which offers and opens ways to those hard-working students, will be more wonderful university 10 or 20 years later in the future.

Kilic Zeynep (Turkey)

Kilic Zeynep (Turkey)

When compared to Western colleges and universities, you can study psychology more broadly based on international perspectives as an advantage.

I want to become a counselor for children with a developmental disability, so I selected Teikyo University which has the Developmental Psychology Course. The course teacher is a professional counselor who teaches us through his own experience, while I can learn from his practical and easy-tounderstand lecture. Since study of history in the university totally differs from the study I received back in my home country, I have realized many points that have raised my awareness.

Bui Vinh Khiem (Vietnam)

Bui Vinh Khiem (Vietnam)

I enjoy my exciting campus life every day.

Sometimes I have some points I couldn't get during the class taught by the teacher at his office with other seminar students. Joining a dance circle, I learn dancing in various genres from senior circle members. I'm quite busy every day with class and circle activities, but I also go to Harajuku to buy some used clothes at thrift clothes shops there as my relax time. I really want to study hard so that I can return the courtesy to my parents who have brought me up.

My dream is to become a Japanese teacher making the most of my experience and what I've learned about Japanese culture

The reason I chose Teikyo University is because I heard it puts a lot of energy into its education. The lectures were certainly easy to understand and held in a convenient and clean environment. The university also actively supports study abroad students. I'm enjoying every day, visiting Japanese shrines and watching soccer games when I'm not in class.

Surrounded by a totally wonderful environment and more than adequate facilities, I’m walking toward my dream.

I have loved computers and Japanese animation movies since my childhood. Thinking about studying electronic engineering in Japan, I decided to enroll in Teikyo University having well-organized study environment and facilities. Since I was interested in electronic engineering, I committed myself to study while receiving support from instructors and other international students. I try hard to acquire advanced knowledge and skills as an electronic engineer, and I’ m also considering enrolling in the graduate school, with a view of getting employed in Japan in the future.

You will certainly be able to convey your thoughts even with limited Japanese proficiency.

My current study theme is Gagaku of Japan (ancient Japanese court dance and music). Although the study field of my teacher is Japanese joruri puppet theater, which is different from mine,he has introduced a lot of reference materials. I have some opportunities to make presentations in class, which makes me feel nervous. But my companions cheer me up in such a situation. I really love this university's atmosphere that is very friendly to international students like me.

Tian Jingzong(China)

Tian Jingzong (China)

You can study and have interaction with others while experiencing the culture of Japan and that of the world.

By having daily conversation in Japanese with students from various national backgrounds, I strive to improve my language efficiency including conversation and hearing skills. Some people actually think differently from I do, but when trying to listen to them carefully, I can gradually understand their thoughts. I fully enjoy my student life in Japan while having fun with fashion, ideo games, and the music of Japan.

Jennifer Lee Cheong (Malaysia)

Jennifer Lee(Malaysia)

With the view of transfer to another university, I am absorbing highly concentrated knowledge.

I selected what I really wanted to study the most from a broad range of curriculums. Microeconomics seemed to be difficult to study at first, but I found it easy to understand and enjoyable once I started studying this field. I would like to get into a business to make and offer tourism plans for Malaysia, so that I can convey the attractions of Japan including big cities, Kamakura, and the majestic winter sceneries of Hokkaido.

Staff Message

It is important to build up your knowledge of Japanese little by little
each day. We can do it together.

We provide support so that students advance to a level where they can fully communicate their opinions in Japanese in either university or graduate school classes.

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