Conducted an online course "Information Editing Ability Training / Reading Technique Course"
Conducted an online course "Information Editing Ability Training / Reading Technique Course"

Learn how to read books online according to your purpose in conjunction with undergraduate education

Teikyo University Junior College, as part of the university-wide reading promotion project "Co-Reading Library", an online course "To improve basic learning skills such as reading comprehension and comprehension by" habituation of reading "and to acquire academic skills" Information editing ability training and reading skills course ”is being implemented.

What is a "reading course"?

This is a reading program using new books, which is carried out in conjunction with the field of undergraduate education in order to improve students' basic learning skills and acquire information editing skills. This course, which lays the foundation for academic reading necessary for reading comprehension, properly accesses information, and learns information editing skills for summarizing, associating, thinking, and communicating, functions as a start-up program for university education.

Contents of "Information Editing Ability Training / Reading Course"

We will answer 8 questions online in 3 weeks with the aim of reading new books in an editorial manner and getting the hang of information editing.

Information editing ability training / reading technique course
  • * The reading course is a program jointly conducted with the Institute of Editing Engineering.

Production example

  1. Choose a book based on your interests
  2. Imagine the content from the cover of a book
  3. Select a keyword from the table of contents that digests the contents of the book
  4. Expand associations from keywords and think about them
  5. Find sentences that include keywords and paste sticky notes
  6. Read the text using associations and keywords as clues
  7. Summarize your thoughts using the "shu-ha-ri-yo-shi" pattern that summarizes the contents of the book.
  8. Make a recommendation sentence and catch phrase of the read book, and recommend using "obi"
Production example