University Transfer System
University Transfer System

We will conduct transfer examinations to further deepen field of specialization.

Teikyo University Junior College have a transfer examinations to Teikyo University for students who want to further deepen their specialized fields. In addition, the door is open to not only the Teikyo University Group but also educational institutions in Japan and overseas.

Transfer to Teikyo University

After graduation, you can transfer from Teikyo University Junior College to Teikyo University to continue your studies. We also have an on-campus special transfer system for students with excellent academic performance and motivation.

On-campus special transfer system
[Target students]

Those who meet all of the following conditions

  1. 2nd year student at Teikyo University Junior College (excluding for graduates)
  2. Those who have excellent academic performance (in the top 10 percentile in the 1st year and over GPA of 2.0) and are higher motivated.

[Admission method]
Interview and document review

[Target faculty]
Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Language Studies, Faculty of Education, Department of Education and Culture

Voices of students who transferred to Teikyo University

Why did you transfer to Teikyo University?

I started calligraphy when I was in high school. Even after I entered university, I actively participated in activities in the calligraphy club. While I was active in the calligraphy club, I wanted to study calligraphy more deeply, so I started thinking about transferring to the Department of Japanese Cultures, Teikyo University. Firstly, I asked my friends about the content of the classes at the Department of Japanese Cultures, and took the classes that I found attractive using the open curriculum. Then, I decided to transfer to Teikyo University because I have a lot of support for transfer such as I have many friends who aim to transfer to university, and the credits which I had earned through the open curriculum are recognized as part of my graduation credits.

What are the measures for Transfer Examination?

I was thinking about transfer from the beginning of enrollment. I usually focus on quizzes, classes and exams so that I can get the qualification for exemption from the written exam, which is given only to those with excellent grades. It takes long time to go to school so I mainly studied memorization during commuting, and I was studying at MELIC (library) during the free time at school. At MELIC, there are students who are reading books or studying hard so you can study while receiving good stimulation.

(Comments from students who transferred from Department of Human Cultures to Department of Japanese Cultures, Teikyo University)