Education at Teikyo University Junior College
Education at Teikyo University Junior College

While emphasizing basic skills, acquire the knowledge and English proficiency required for the coming era.

Basic skills are important to acquire the education and practical skills that are useful in society. At Teikyo University Junior College, we provide education that emphasizes basic skills, and then aim to improve and develop applied and practical skills. In addition, we will respond to the needs of the times by utilizing the latest news sources in learning places. At the same time, they will acquire the English proficiency that will be essenyial for the coming era.

Educational Guidelines Teikyo University Junior College

Without thorough basic skills, it is impossible to improve or develop applied skills and practical skills. Teikyo University Junior College conducts education thoroughly that emphasizes basic skills based on this idea. In addition, we actively utilize teaching materials and the latest news sources related to various different cultures and information in the globalized international community. We have built a lecture system that uses these effectively to meet the needs of a dramatically changing era. One of the great attractive point of Teikyo University Junior College is that students can acquire the knowledge and English proficiency that will be indispensable in the future at an extremely high level.

2 years of learning

2 years of learning

Specialized subject
After acquiring basic abilities and English proficiency, students will acquire practical knowledge in various specialized subjects according to their career path after graduation in each department.

In the 1st year, we will develop the basic skills of "social power," "self-education power," and "professional power." Students will summarize their thought from the method of learning at university, think about the writing technique to convey and their future. In the 2nd year, Students will acquire the business etiquette, knowledge about current affairs, and culture that are indispensable when choosing a career path, looking ahead to own career path after graduation.

Open Curriculum

Open curriculum
Teikyo University Junior College students can take some of the specialized education courses of Faculty of Economics (excluding the Department of Regional Economics), Faculty of Law, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Language Studies, and Faculty of Education, offered at Teikyo University. The earned credits will be recognized as a common elective course. 

Prepared a transfer system to the attached Teikyo University

Teikyo University Junior College have a transfer examinations to Teikyo University for students who want to further deepen their specialized fields. We have a special transfer system on campus for students with excellent academic performance and motivation. In addition, the door is open to not only the Teikyo University Group but also educational institutions in Japan and overseas.

Transfer system of Teikyo University Junior College