Support for Job Seeking

Career Support Center(CSC)

Our attractive career path creation and job seeking support is top level even within Japan.


Point1: Increasing employability

Since we make defining goals and employability a priority early on, we give guidance to all new students with personalized career design maps designed for new students. We allow students the opportunity to think about the person they want to become with our mandatory "Designing Life Practice I/II" course, and improve employability with our comprehensive personal development support (career education).

The staff at our career support center (Hachioji Campus) are happy to give advice.

Point2: Lifetime support (Shinjuku Satellite Office)

We've linked up with Tokio Marine and Nichido Career Service and created a career support center satellite office in Shinjuku. To support students' and alumni's job searches and career changes, we are strengthening our lifetime career creation support, including offering individual consultations with advisors (appointment required).

Point3: 1: Internship I/II, 2: Advanced Internship I/II

We've put internships at the core of our self-development support (career education), and students can experience work life from their first year. We work to improve students perspective on work from early on, deepening learning on specialized areas and teaching related disciplines. Our programs have earned high praise from the companies and organizations who've accepted our students.

At Shinjuku Satellite Office, just like the career support center, one can receive detailed advice on finding a job. (appointment required)
Since it's located in convenient Shinjuku, one can visit during free time in the middle of job searching and work on his/her resume and use the computer.

Paths for study abroad students

Many of our study abroad students go on to further studies or Japanese companies after graduation.

Companies that have hired our alumni:
- Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
- Cocokara fine Healthcare Inc.
- Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd.
- Hoshino Resort Co., Ltd.
- Yodobashi Camera Co., Ltd.
- WORLD CO., Ltd.

Documents provided by the Career Support Center

Student Message

Successful Job Seeker

Ning Gao (China)

Ning Gao (China)
Now working at:
Bourbon Corporation

My university life was fulfilling in terms of study and private life. I had much fun in the four years.

The university has many curriculums to choose from and the teachers give us easy-to-understand lessons. Students can enhance their Japanese language proficiency as well as professional expertise. As for private events, there are so many opportunities for international students to deepen communication with Japanese students. Also, the university focuses on assisting international students in finding a job. There are many teachers who can support the students’ needs, so students can be relieved.

Successful Job Seeker

Lit Yee Shin (Malaysia)

Lit Yee Shin (Malaysia)
Now working at:
The Westin Tokyo

It’s important to communicate with various types of people and support each other.

I entered Teikyo University. And I have studied at classes and seminars, and contacted various types of people, ways of thinking and cultures. When I participated in the Project Based Learning (PBL) of Teikyo University and Japanese major companies in my third year, I came to know the Career Support Center. After that, I could get support from the Career Support Center, and successfully get an informal job offer. I think students should study hard and value a relationship with people in university.

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