Medical institutions

In touch with the local community

Teikyo University operates six hospitals equipped with the latest equipment and advanced medical practices to provide a tailored health care program for every patient. The University also operates osteopathic clinics and psychology practices that provide local services to the community. These facilities also supply the medical teams that are sent to provide assistance during emergencies and natural disasters.

Teikyo University Hospital

Working with patients and their families to provide the best in health care

Teikyo University Hospital is united in their dedication to working together with patients and their families to provide the highest possible standards of health care.

As the major hospital for the region, Teikyo University Hospital liaises closely with neighboring clinics and institutions, especially working hard to provide emergency and acute phase medical services for very serious cases and palliative services. The Hospital is also committed to providing highly trained specialists concerning cancer treatment, such as outpatient chemotherapy and cancer consultations.

Teikyo University Hospital

Teikyo University Chiba Medical Center

Combining diagnostic and treatment services with research and training programs

Teikyo University Chiba Medical Center is being positioned as a fully fledged university hospital offering diagnosis and treatment services complemented by research and training programs.

The principle of informed consent emphasizes the views and wishes of the patient. To this end, it is important to understand and empathize with the pain experienced by the patient, in order to design an optimized treatment regime based on the latest equipment and advanced medical practices. The Center is also committed to full and open disclosure about treatment regimes to minimize the emotional burden on patients.

Teikyo University Chiba Medical Center

Teikyo University Hospital, Mizonokuchi

Advanced, high-quality medical care rooted in the local community

Teikyo University Hospital, Mizonokuchi aspires to act as an amiable hospital offering advanced medical equipment, premised on its philosophy of providing “advanced, high-quality medical care rooted in the local community.” Operating as a hospital commissioned by Teikyo University Health Service Center for the Elderly, Teikyo University Hospital, Mizonokuchi works to interact and collaborate with social welfare facilities, and also contributes to ensuring better medical care in the community by strengthening alliances with locally-based medical care facilities.

Teikyo University Hospital, Mizonokuchi

Teikyo University Ikebukuro Clinic

Putting the patient first

The Teikyo University Ikebukuro Clinic, opened in response to local demand, is a dedicated internal medical health care center providing a range of services including psychosomatic and outpatient herbal medicine treatment.

The Teikyo University Ikebukuro Clinic works closely with the Teikyo Heisei University Clinical Psychology Center, the Teikyo Ikebukuro Acupuncture and Moxibustion Clinic and other health care providers in setting up systems and structures tailored to patient needs. The Clinic prides itself in presenting information in plain language and treating patients with dignity and respect. It enjoys a strong reputation in the local community.

Teikyo University Ikebukuro Clinic

Teikyo Toyosatodai Judo Therapy Office

Combining regular osteopathic services with training in judo therapy techniques

Located just north of the main gate of Utsunomiya campus, the Teikyo Toyosatodai Judo Therapy Office provides quality health care services to the general public. The Clinic boasts a dedicated team led by director Yanagi, who has been practicing for over 30 years, that is committed to providing personalized service to every patient.

Opened in 2010 on the Utsunomiya campus of Teikyo University, the Teikyo University Biotechnology Research Center is establishing a reputation as a leading osteopathic service provider in the local area.

The Clinic also provides hands-on training for students in the technique known as judo therapy, a highly specialized non-invasive treatment approach that seeks to maximize the natural healing powers of the human body. Through a series of practical exercises, students learn judo therapy techniques and gain valuable experience.

Teikyo University Biotechnology Research Center

Teikyo University Mental Health Center

Expert support from experienced counselors

Located directly opposite Hachioji campus, the Teikyo University Mental Health Centerprovides a relaxing space where sympathetic counselors provide treatment for a range of mental health issues.

The Teikyo University Mental Health Centeris dedicated in being the place locals can open their hearts to the counselors. Finished in soothing hues of blue and featuring a specially designed play room alongside the traditional consultation rooms, the Center offers a variety of personalized counseling services including individual psychotherapy, family therapy and play therapy along with standard psychological testing and consultation.

The Teikyo University Mental Health Centeralso provides practical training for graduate clinical psychology students, with the opportunity to practice real-life counseling under the guidance of qualified clinical psychologists.

Teikyo University Mental Health Center