The graduate school of Teacher Education accept those who have already obtained or are expected to obtain a teaching license as an application qualification, and those who have not obtained a teaching license at the time of application and at the time of enrollment cannot apply or enroll. The two main purposes of the Graduate School of Teacher Education are to train new teachers who can be an influential member of creation of new schools with the more practical leadership and development skills, among those who have acquired the qualification and abilities of the undergraduate level, and to train school leaders (core mid-career teachers) who have teaching theory and excellent practical and applied skills, which are indispensable as teachers who can play a leading role in the community and schools, target for in-service teachers. (partially excerpted from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology website).

Even if you are a foreign national, you are eligible to apply at this graduate school if you have a type of education staff license in Japan. Please note that even if you have obtained a teacher's license outside of Japan, you will not be eligible to apply for this Graduate School of Teacher Education unless you have obtained a type of educational staff license in Japan.

To obtain a special school teacher's license, you need a special school teacher's license (type1). The number of credits required to obtain a special school teacher's license is 24. The Graduate School of Teacher Education offer these course as advanced specialized Graduate School of Teacher Education, you will be required to take more than 18 credits in the advanced specialized courses required for completion. For information on how to take this course, please consult with the guidance after enrollment.

The same applies to those who have graduated the Graduate School of Teikyo University, Teikyo University Junior College, Teikyo Heisei University, Teikyo Science University, Teikyo Junior College, Interdisciplinary Course of Teikyology Junior College, and graduate students of Teikyo University, Teikyo Heisei University, and Teikyo Science University.