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Usage Information

What is Telaco (Teikyo Language Commons)?

Teikyo Language Commons

Teikyo Language Commons (Telaco) opened on September 12, 2016, at Teikyo University, Hachioji Campus. It is a space dedicated to language learning like a fashionable cafe overseas. You may find something to expand your possibilities or get closer to your dreams. We encourage all students to visit.

Usage Information

Space About use Use time Usable item
Global Square Freely available

Weekdays and holidays with classes


Weekdays during the test period
9: 00-18: 00

Global Study Student ID is required when entering the room icon_usage_guidance_02.png
Global Park

In Global Study
Please contact Support Counter

Active Learning Room
World Kitchen icon_usage_guidance_01.png

* Opening hours are subject to change without notice.


Floor guide


Global Square


Global Square is an open atrium in front of the main building, is located in the center of Telaco. With a large 150-inch screen, you can enjoy a cup of tea, watch foreign movies and music, have a conversation with a native teachers, and so on. It's a place where you can get various inspirations for language learning. This cozy space can also be used as a place to meet, gather, and relax while learning a language. Whether you are alone or in a group, Global Square is positioned as an entrance to the wide world you are about to enter.


* 1 The electronic bulletin board at the entrance of Global Square will provide information on events held at Telaco in a timely manner.

Global Study

With dark sofas and tables, this spacious and relaxing space is ideal for individual language learning. It is designed so that you can concentrate on your language studies as if you were in your own study room. Approximately 1,500 language learning textbooks, movie DVDs, and music CDs are available on the bookshelf on the wall. We have a wide range of teaching materials, from familiar English comics such as One Piece to various language-related exams such as TOEIC. At the six individual booths, you can practice listening and speaking, watch DVDs, and even study using a your own PC. At the counter, Telaco staff will do their best to support your language study, including language study counseling, English test interview guidance, study method consultation, and more.

* 2 At the individual booths, you can watch DVDs and practice listening and speaking.
* 3 Please check in at the counter when using books and DVDs.

Global Park


Located in the back of Global Square, Global Park is a bright, vitamin-colored suitable for group work. Students can use it for a wide variety of activities, such as practicing presentations using a projector or electronic blackboard, or group discussions on a round sofa or long tables. Various events such as introduction of foreign cuisine, language seminars, and talk shows by guest speakers are held. You need to apply for use at the Global Study support counter.


World Kitchen

It is a space where you can learn about different cultures and conversations through cooking. Students will deepen their understanding of different cultures through communication in foreign languages while cooking dishes from around the world with native teachers and international students. We will hold various events were students can try unique foreign dishes and rare ingredients. You need to apply for use at the Global Study support counter.

Active Learning Room


It is a reserved space equipped with a projector and can accommodate up to 20 people. The area and facilities are suitable for active language learning in groups without worrying about the surroundings. Use it for interactive activities such as group work, discussions and debates. You need to apply for use at the Global Study support counter.


Teikyo Language Commons (Telaco)
359 Otsuka, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
Hachioji Campus Building 9, 1F