Introduction of Native-Speaking Tutors
Introduction of Native-Speaking Tutors

Introduction to native tutors at Teikyo Language Commons (Telaco)

Nadia Kozulina
Name Nadia Kozulina
Home country Russia
Hobbies (hobbies) Drawing walking, cooking, watching movies
(Drawing, walking, cooking, watching movies)
Seungkeun Lee
Name Seungkeun Lee
Home country Korea
Hobbies (hobbies) Traveling around the world, watching YouTube & TV shows
(Travel abroad, watch YouTube and dramas)
Briar Pelletier
Name Briar Pelletier
Home country USA
Hobbies (hobbies) Vintage clothes, drawing, embroidery, video games
(Vintage clothes, painting, embroidery, games)
Alonzo Anderson
Name Alonzo Anderson
Home country USA
Hobbies (hobbies) Making Hip Hop music, traveling, American football, basketball
(Making Hip Hop Music, Travel, American Football, Basketball)
Solis Cruz Ramon Alberto
Name Solis Cruz Ramon Alberto
Home country Mexico
Hobbies (hobbies) Rock-metal music, languages, retro-video games, guitar, soccer and rugby
(Rock metal, language, retro games, guitar, soccer and rugby)
Name Guelsah Erbilen (Rose)
Home country Austria
Hobbies (hobbies) Learning languages, listening to music
(learning languages, listening to music)
Xinyue Li
Name Xinyue Li
Home country China
Hobbies (hobbies) Skiing, traveling, Chinese calligraphy
(ski, travel, calligraphy)
Nadia Kozulina
Name Carlos Arbaiza
Home country Peru
Hobbies (hobbies) Judo, boxing, video games
(Judo, boxing, video games)
Nadia Kozulina
Name Salwa Hasegawa
Home country Hungary
Hobbies (hobbies) Baking, traveling, making videos
(sweets making, traveling, video production)

(As of September 2023)