Yes, anyone who wants to learn a language can use it.

Weekdays and holidays with university classes, and weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 during the exam periods.
However, please note that the opening hours are subject to change without notice.

Telaco is a lounge space for language learning. The type of language does not matter, but the use is limited to language learning. Please refrain from meeting with friends, talking, or using it only for lunch during lunch break.

Global Square has a native teacher, so feel free to talk to us. In addition, we plan to carry out various projects aimed at cross-cultural exchange. You can enjoy interaction and communication by participating in various programs and seminars held at Global Square and Global Park. For more information, please contact the Global Study support counter staff.

Telaco is a space for language learning, so we have the following rules for eating and drinking. Please adhere to the rules so that you can use it comfortably.

  • Global Square
    You can bring in drinks with and/or without lids and light meals such as bread, sandwiches and sweets.
    However, please dispose of the garbage by yourself. For hygiene reasons, we ask that you refrain your own lunch boxes, noodles and prepared foods from convenience stores and cafeterias.
  • Global Study
    Only drinks with lids can be brought in.
  • Global Park / Active Learning Room
    Only drinks with and/or without lids can be brought in.

Telaco organizes various events and seminars. We plan to provide a wide variety of opportunities to get familiar with countries around the world, such as study abroad experiences, roundtable discussions with international students, and world cuisine fairs, and more. For more information, please see the event information section of the homepage or contact the Global Study support counter staff.


Teikyo Language Commons (Telaco)
〒192-0395 359 Otsuka, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo Hachioji Campus No. 9 1F