Resident Assistants
Resident Assistants

By living with exchange students in an international dormitory, they can acquire language skills and International perspectives.

Interview with Resident Assistants and international Students

Interview with Resident Assistants and international Students

We support international students so that they can spend each day with a smile
Resident Assistant: Ayaka Murata (left image)
Faculty and department: Department of Education and Culture at the Faculty of Education.

"International student dormitories are home to students from different countries, so it is a place where you can develop a global sense. Even if you have a shy personality or are not confident in Japanese language, don't worry. From life to learning, the Resident Assistants will provide detailed backup".

Fun events are held at the dormitory. Let's have fun together!
Resident Assistant: Asa Nagae (right image)
Faculty and department: Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Liberal Arts

"Resident assistants also work with the Center for Global Education to help dormitory students live their university life with peace of mind. The dormitory also organizes events to deepen exchanges, such as Japanese language study sessions and movie watching sessions, so let's enjoy it together!"

A place of relaxation where you can share university information and exchange different cultures
International student: Kim Sung-woon (center of image)
Birthplace: South Korea
Faculty and department: Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Liberal Arts.

"Originally, I wasn't a dormitory student, but I visited almost every day and enjoyed interacting with international students from various countries, so I moved into an international students dormitory. The resident assistant is kind and shares information such as classes, so I am enjoying a fulfilling university life.

Events in the International Student Dormitory

Cooking event
Cooking event
welcome party
Japanese lesson

Recruitment time and application method

Resident assistants will inform students of recruitment on the portal sites of Hachioji Campus and Utsunomiya Campus and the bulletin board on campus.

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