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December 7, 2023

Utsunomiya CampusScience and Engineering Students Shine at International AI Conference

In a compelling display of academic prowess, Teikyo University students made a significant impact at the 8th ISCEAS2023 international conference in Kyoto from November 23rd to November 25th, 2023. Yuki Enomoto and Justin Lee, both fourth-year students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, presented their cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.
Enomoto, under the mentorship of Specially Appointed Professor Yuichi Hasuda in the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering, showcased his graduation research titled "Detecting Crop Diseases Using AI." Utilizing an object recognition model adept at identifying objects in images and videos, Enomoto demonstrated how AI could be harnessed to detect the telltale signs of powdery mildew, a common agricultural affliction. His presentation delved into the identification of white spots characteristic of the disease and the yellow-brown color associated with anthrax. Enomoto's work extended beyond diagnosis, offering practical examples of disease prevention, including the development of a pesticide-spraying robot designed to curb the progression of crop diseases.
On the other hand, Lee, an international student from Malaysia, captivated the audience with his paper on "Development of Teaching Materials on Autonomous Driving of robots using Deep Learning." Leveraging deep learning, an AI technique emulating the human brain's processing capabilities, Lee showcased the development of mobile robots. His focus was on creating teaching materials related to autonomous driving, which were successfully validated in both classroom settings and robot contests.
The duo's presentations garnered considerable interest from fellow researchers, particularly in the realm of AI applications for crop disease detection and object identification. The question-and-answer session witnessed a dynamic exchange of ideas, with enthusiastic inquiries and expectations voiced regarding the integration of AI advancements into the university's technical education framework. As a testament to their exceptional contributions, Enomoto and Lee received an exclusive invitation to participate in ISCEA2024, scheduled for the coming year. This recognition not only underscores the caliber of research emerging from Teikyo University but also solidifies its position on the global stage as a hub for innovative AI and robotics studies.

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