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November 15, 2022


On Saturday, November 5, 2022, a seminar by Takuya Tsukamoto, Associate Professor of the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Faculty of Economics, Teikyo University, was held at Ajinomoto Stadium (Chofu City, Tokyo). Frontale”, we set up a booth with the theme of “Blinds x SDGs”.

At the Tsukamoto Seminar booth, blind soccer x SDGs kick targets were held, and participants wore eye masks and kicked balls to deepen their understanding of people with disabilities and to aim at the targets of the SDGs to better understand current social issues. The goal is to give you a deeper understanding. More than 200 people, including families, visited on the day, and participants said, "I felt the difficulty of kicking the ball blindfolded. I want to broaden my horizons and interact with people in the future." There was an impression such as "I am interested in the Ukraine war in 'No. 16 Peace for all people'." In addition, participants were selected by lottery to receive original goods such as clear files and mugs with the autographs of FC Tokyo players.

Teikyo University will continue to support FC Tokyo together with fans, supporters, and local residents, while creating opportunities for students to learn sports marketing through practical experiences.

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