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January 20, 2022

Flipted classroom of "Teikyo Gaku", a preparatory education for admission to Hachioji CampusInterdisciplinary Course of Teikyology was held.

On Saturday, January 8, 2022, at Teikyo University Hachioji Campus, a flipped classroom of "Interdisciplinary Course of Teikyology", a preparatory education for those who have passed the university through comprehensive selection and school recommendation type selection. We held a toclas room (flipped classroom). A flipped classroom is a class in which students who have prepared for the same content in advance participate and the students discuss the content of the preparation in the class.

On the day of the event, a staff member of our university called SCOT, who provides class consulting to faculty members, provided reception, guidance, and group work advice. While the tension of about 70 high school students gathered in the classroom was transmitted, Hiroshi Uta, Associate Professor the University's Common Education Center, gave an introductory class such as an explanation of today's program. In response to Associate Professor Uta's question, some people seemed to think positively, showing the high level of awareness of the participants. After that, we divided into about 6 people in one group and introduced ourselves, and then decided the role of the group name, leader, and secretary. There are still many high school students who are still nervous, and it is new to find a clue to the story little by little from the state of exploration in the first meeting, and we proceeded with the discussion while receiving the advice of SCOT students and faculty members. The theme of group work was the content that was presented in the lecture that was viewed in advance as preparatory education for admission, which is the Educational Philosophy of the university, "What is “One’s way”?" While exchanging opinions, I wrote my opinions on the whiteboard centered on the secretary. After that, after having lunch and communicating little by little, opinions were actively exchanged, and an approach that made use of the individuality of each group was seen. SCOT students said, "I was surprised at the attitude of high school students who are actively exchanging opinions so that they do not need their advice." The result of about 70 minutes of group work was expressed on the whiteboard, and when the place was moved to AC Trium, which is the best for presentations, a 3-minute presentation was given for each team. OKINAGA Yoshihito, the Chairman and President of the university, listened to the announcement of "“One’s way”" that each team thought about, but watched the announcement with a smile from beginning to end and applauded. When the announcements of all 11 teams were over and it was time for Chairman and President Okunaga to select the highest award, the final decision was made after being very worried that "I'm sorry that the announcements of all teams make a wonderful difference." The presentations of the 6 teams, which were described as being logically summarized including the process, were selected as the highest award.

This flipped classroom was also a valuable opportunity to experience college lessons before enrollment and make friends across departments. Unfortunately, I think there were some high school students who couldn't participate this time, but Teikyo University is looking forward to your admission.

Click here for the Educational Philosophy "“One’s way” "
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Facility on the 5th floor of Solatio Square C Zone.
At Actorium, which was born as a stage for presenting the results of seminars and circles, we have prepared various tools to direct the presentation, such as 150 chairs whose layout can be freely changed and spotlights that illuminate the presenter.
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