Fukuoka Campus Library Facility
Fukuoka Campus Library Facility

Facilities and equipment are available to suit the user's needs

Approximately 140 reading seats are secured, and it can be used according to the user's purpose, such as audiovisual seats centered on carrel seats and multipurpose group study rooms. The bookshelf, which can accommodate about 87,000 books, provides an environment where you can continuously browse each specialized book.

Inside view of the facility

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Collection number, total area, seats of library facilities on Fukuoka Campus

Our library has a total of more than 1 million books and holds academic information which is necessary for learning and research activities abundantly. In addition, the materials held in the Itabashi, Hachioji, Utsunomiya, and Fukuoka campus libraries can be searched across campuses through WebOPAC.

Number of books in the collection 67,942 books
Total library area 808.41m 2
Number of seats 137 seats
Usage status 30,497 people (2022 results)

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