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April 2, 2024

Hachioji CampusEkiden (Road Relay) Club and Field Club and Uchiyama Seminar conducted sports promotion activities at Kitasuwa Elementary School.

On Monday, January 22, 2024, Teikyo University Ekiden (Road Relay) Club and Yumiko Uchiyama, Assistant Professor in the Department of Department of Sport and Medical Science, Faculty of Medical Technology held a running class as an event for fifth graders at Tama City Kitasuwa Elementary School. This class was created based on the idea of the elementary school's Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) that ``we want children to experience the joy of running through interaction with Ekiden (Road Relay) Club athletes,'' and the school's Department of Sport and Medical Science ``children can experience the joy of running through sports.'' We wanted to bring health and fun to people all over the world," and so we jointly planned this project.

As an introduction to this Faculty of Medical Technology, the Department of Sport and Medical Science Top Athlete Course Sports Health Course "Teach me! ``Nii-san/Onee-san (Ekiden race edition)'' will be broadcast during children's lunch time to teach students ``What kind of sport is Ekiden?'' ``What is the appeal of Ekiden?'' ``What kind of physical condition do Ekiden athletes have?'' ” etc. were introduced. This video was created by students in the Uchiyama seminar of Sports Health Course while interviewing students in Top Athlete Course (athletes who belong to designated training clubs) and created the script, and is an original video from our university in which the players actually appear as actors. This is the video. In this class, athletes who actually appear in the video and athletes who participated in the Hakone Ekiden participate, and they work together with the children to build their bodies, run together in a 5-minute run, and interact with the athletes through a question corner. Did.

At the Q&A corner, more than 10 children asked a variety of questions, including what the athletes eat, how they drink water during races, and what they do when they're having a hard time. Questionnaires after the class included messages of support to the athletes, such as ``I felt like running was fun'' and ``When I was having a hard time running for 5 minutes, the athletes called out to me and asked me to wave my arms!'' Positive comments were received, such as, ``I was able to run with my legs in front of the other,'' ``It was always painful when I was running with the athletes, but the time went by so quickly,'' and ``I decided to try my best at endurance running.''

Because the project was planned in collaboration with the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA), the elementary school sent out a letter to parents before the class was held, informing parents that Ekiden (Road Relay) Club team held on New Year's day. There were also families who watched and supported us. In addition, as part of school safety, Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) and Uchiyama Seminar students work together to patrol the school route, watch at crosswalks, and wave flags when children return home after class. I did.

This time, we will use the on-campus education improvement reform program development support system to develop sports promotion and health education activities for children, which are practiced in Sports Health Course Department of Sport and Medical Science, in collaboration with our students and PTA. I looked for it. We will continue to carry out community activities, understand the needs of children and their parents, work together to create a safe environment, and deliver health and fun through sports.

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