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October 25, 2022

The Hachioji CampusBaseball Club finished second in the autumn league

On Sunday, October 16, 2022, the final game of the Tokyo Metropolitan University Baseball Autumn League, the Josai University match, was held at the Josai University Baseball Stadium (Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture), and the Teikyo University baseball team won 9-2. did. Josai University took the lead, but Ryuta Okano (Faculty of Medical Technology 4th year) and Kaito Shibata (Faculty of Medical Technology 4th year) hit a double, and Wataru Ueno (Faculty of Medical Technology 4th year) hit the ball. Involving a sacrifice fly, etc., he turned the game around early and widened the point difference. In addition, fourth-year pitchers such as Shoya Suzuki (Faculty of Medical Technology 4th year) and Taiki Kurakawa (Faculty of Medical Technology 4th year) performed well, ending the final game with a smile.

The university's hardball baseball club has been competing in the autumn league in the second division since September, aiming to win all the games and be promoted to the first division. The final result was 7 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie out of the 9 matches, placing them in 2nd place with less than 2 points behind the champion Josai University. It's a tough battle that you can't miss a single match to win the second division. Our university showed a strong presence next to Josai University, but unfortunately we were not able to achieve our goal of promotion to Division 1. After the final match, captain Okano said, "Thank you so much for all the support you have given me. I was demoted to the second division in the spring league match, and I was in a difficult summer practice, and the fall league match. We all put in our best effort to get promoted to Division 1, but we ended up finishing in 2nd place, which is disappointing and full of apologies to our juniors. I have no regrets about college baseball.The juniors will continue to play baseball, so please continue to support us.Thank you very much."

When asked what kind of support Captain Okano had during this difficult period from the replacement game in June to the opening of the autumn league in September, he said, "I want to be promoted to the first division and take over the team for the sake of my juniors. After the reassignment round, I was worried not only about the difficult situation the team was in, but also about myself not being able to produce results. I was able to keep fighting until the end of the last season by looking forward to seeing how the team was growing," he recalls. He also added, "In the spring league, there were many tough games, and I was playing with the feeling that I had to somehow lead the team. I faced the situation with such a strong feeling that I could definitely win from the bottom of my heart.I often received hits and courage from everyone on the team, and they helped me."

You can feel the emotions of leading the team by standing up against difficult situations without running away. This experience will be a great source of food and should be used in the next stage. The 4th graders will retire after the fall league, and the goal of promotion to the 1st division will be handed over to the 3rd graders and below. The tough battle will continue, but we ask for your warm support for the baseball club.

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(Photo: Teikyo University Baseball Club)

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