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August 06, 2021

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A research group led by Professor Sato of the Itabashi CampusSenior Assistant Professor the transition of the inboard fungal flora over the seven years since the start of operation of the International Space Station "Kibo".

Ichiro Sato, Yamazaki Hill, Assistant Professor, Medical and Fungus Research Center, Teikyo University General Medical Education and Research Center Senior Assistant Professor Senior Assistant Professor and Koichi Makimura, Deputy Head of Center, are fungi in the Japanese Experiment Module, Kibo International Space Station. The change over time of the flora was analyzed for 7 years from the start of operation. As a result, human-derived fungi form a dominant species on the Kibo ship, and although the number of fungi on the surface of the equipment is increasing, it can be cultivated because the air purifier is operating normally. The state fungus revealed that it was not floating on board.
From these facts, it is considered that regular cleaning and microbiological examination are effective for maintaining the health of astronauts.
Please see the press release below for details.

Analysis of changes in the inboard fungal plexus over the 7 years since the start of operation

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