Graduate Degree Program of Comprehensive Applied Data Science
  • Hachioji Campus
Graduate Degree Program of Comprehensive Applied Data Science Graduate School Graduate Degree Program of Comprehensive Applied Data Science

With the rapid progress of digitalization, the skills required of professionals are changing day by day. In order to meet such human resources needs, this degree program aims to develop highly specialized professionals who can utilize data in the field of organizational management, and the utilization of data in a wide range of fields. We have established a "Data Application Infrastructure / Course" that aims to develop highly specialized professionals who can be promoted. Through advanced education and research, we will develop human resources who can play a leading role in various fields that handle data.

Program features

This degree program is a cross-disciplinary curriculum consisting of various specialized fields organized beyond the boundaries of existing fields under the cooperation of 10 graduate schools within the university, utilizing the graduate school linked course system *.
By learning for problem discovery and problem solving independently and autonomously, students acquire basic knowledge of data science and practical ability to utilize data, and various fields and data related to organizational business management are utilized. Highly specialized professionals who can contribute to the real world by setting academic and social issues themselves, planning, implementing and evaluating solutions in various fields, and solving problems in collaboration with data scientists. We are aiming for training.
In order for students to take lessons flexibly, classes using LMS (learning management system), web conferencing system, etc. will be held for basic and specialized subjects. By using LMS, it is possible to efficiently submit assignments and obtain advance materials related to classes, and it is also possible for teachers to provide sufficient guidance such as answering questions via the Internet. Research guidance is based on face-to-face guidance, but online guidance is also provided using a web conferencing system.

  • * The graduate school linked course system is a system that allows you to set up a curriculum with the cooperation of existing multiple graduate schools.





Credit Recognition

Grading Criteria

Grading Criteria Score Veredict
S. 90 percent or higher Pass
A 80 percent
B. 70 percent
C. 60 percent
D. Less than 60 percent Fail
N - Certification

Completion requirements and course registration method

Completion requirements
Students must complete 30 credits or more, receive necessary research guidance, and pass the examination of research results and final examination for a specific subject by the following registration methods.

How to take
Acquire 30 credits or more as follows.

  1. As compulsory subjects, 14 credits from basic subjects and 10 credits from research subjects, totaling 24 credits.
  2. As an elective compulsory subject, acquire 6 credits or more from the course you wish to take from the specialized subject.
  • * Students taking the Organizational Business Administration Data Course can take the "Management Strategy and Marketing Science" of the Data Application Infrastructure Course.