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October 18, 2022

The 5th Teikyo University Research Exchange Symposium was held

On Monday, August 29, 2022, the 5th Teikyo University Research Exchange Symposium was held at Teikyo University Itabashi Campus. Last time, it was held online only, but in response to requests for dialogue, which can only be obtained by actually seeing and hearing in exchanges between researchers, which is indispensable for promoting collaboration with different fields, The poster session was held on-site, and the panel discussion was held on-demand.

In the opening remarks, OKINAGA Yoshihito, President of the university and Chairman the Advanced Comprehensive Research Organization, expressed his hope that the participants will stimulate each other through the research exchange symposium, create more joint research, and promote new research initiatives. , the importance of accumulating more university wisdom that has the potential to be returned to society.
In the panel discussion moderated by Makoto Asashima, Deputy Director of the Institute, President Chairman Director of the Institute, Hotaka Nakanishi, Head of Center for Industry-Academia Collaboration, Specially Appointed Professor Sawako Haniri, Specially Appointed Professor Sawako Appointed Professor Shinichi Ichikawa, and Specially Appointed Associate Professor Hiromasa Yamashita, who is conducting research under a cross-appointment system between the university and Air Water Inc., took the stage as panelists to discuss the significance of the activities of RCAST. There was an interesting discussion from a variety of perspectives on "Changing the World - Changes in the Environment Due to the Corona Crisis". The poster session was held on-site for the first time in two years, and enthusiastic discussions were held at various locations based on a total of 236 presentations. Approximately 430 participants actively exchanged opinions, and it was a meaningful occasion. Finally, Professor Asashima, Deputy Director of the Institute, delivered a closing address, and the event ended on a high note.

At this research exchange symposium, researchers from various research fields presented their research results. In the future, we will continue to conduct cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and education, and promote efforts to return that knowledge to society.

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