Graduate Course of Midwifery
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Graduate Course of Midwifery Graduate Course of Midwifery

We aim to foeter specialists related to
human sexuality and reproduction

Midwives have to do with the overall life cycle so are required various specialties such as support for the maternity cycle and reproductive health. In Graduate Course of Midwifery of Midwifery, we aim to foster midwife, who have specialized knowledge and skills related to sexuality and reproduction, problem-solving abilities to meet the wide-ranging needs in modern society, and rich humanity.

Characteristics of Graduate Course of Midwifery

  1. Development of basic practical ability as a midwifery
    We aim to foster human resources who can diagnose the progress and healthy life during pregnancy, delivery and childcare, and have the practical ability to provide evidence-based care.

  2. Development of practical skills for supporting sexual and reproduction
    We aim to foster practical skills that promote women's health care based on the human rights of women.

  3. Development human resources who can contribute to health of maternal and infant in the community
    We aim to foster human resource who acquire problem-solving abilities and human relationships to contribute widely to health activities for maternal and infant in community from professional standpoint, and tackle the issue in collaboration with multiple occupations.

  4. Fostering an attitude of self-improvement throughout life
    We aim to foster human resource who continue to educate themselves so that you recognize the needs for midwife and provide high-quality support.



Syllabus of Graduate Course of Midwifery

Course Requirements

Course Requirements for Graduate Course of Midwifery

Credit Recognition

Credit Recognition

Credits are determined based on the study time. Taking into considereation of teaching methods and educational effects of the classes, one credit is 45 hours (15 hours for class, 15 hours for preparation, 15 hours for review) .

  1. For each lesson subject, the credits are awarded based on a attendance of two-thirds or more of hours of lessons and a grade evaluation of 60 points (C evaluation) or more. The hours for practical training may be increased to more than two-thirds.
  2. Grades are evaluated as S for 90 points or more, A for 80 points or more, B for 70 points or more, C for 60 points or more, and D for less than 60 points. If students do not get 60 points (D evaluation), they fail a exam and the credits are not awarded.
  3. There are no exceptions to the completion judgment.

About our GPA System

GPA (Grade Point Average) is a system that evaluates achievements of learning with objective numerical values. This system is generally based on the grade evaluation system based on universities in the United States and Europe.

GPA Calculation Method

GPA Calculation Method