Learning Environment / Learning Support
Learning Environment and Learning Support

A fulfilling learning environment and detailed individual guidance and consultation for each student

The Faculty of Economics has a fulfilling learning environment, such as Teikyo University Media Library Center. In addition, we will improve academic ability by providing individual guidance and consultation to each student, and provide detailed support for student life, such as credit acquisition, career paths, and daily life.

Teikyo University Media Library Center (MELIC)

Teikyo University Media Library Center (MELIC)
MELIC is the center of academic information on the Hachioji Campus, a learning space where people and information gather and new ideas and knowledge are born. It has a collection of over 800,000 books, PC stations for information retrieval and report writing, a university-wide reading initiative called Co-Reading Library, and learning support from senior students.

Media Library Center (MELIC)

Department building dedicated to the Department of Department of Regional Economics, complete with a large lecture room

Department building dedicated to the Department of Regional Economics, complete with a large lecture room
The Department of Regional Economics on the Utsunomiya Campus has a specialized department building, and has a large lecture room with a capacity of 400 people that can be used for seminar rooms and open lectures. In addition, we have set up a lobby with the concept of "a space where students can live".

Small-group education and educational support

Individual consultation for all undergraduate students

In the Faculty of Economics, in order to respond to the consultations and requests from various students, interviews are held with each student for each grade. Interviews are conducted by faculty members who are in charge of seminars, covering a wide range of subjects such as living conditions, acquisition of credits, graduation research, and career paths. Teachers understand the current situation of students and support student life so that each student can lead a student life with peace of mind.

office hour

It is a time for supplementary lessons to follow up on things that students did not understand in class. In addition, for students who are highly motivated to learn, we are giving consideration to further developing their abilities by providing content that goes one step further. The purpose is to provide detailed individual guidance after understanding each person's progress, level, and weak points. We also accept career counseling such as employment.