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February 22, 2022

Hachioji CampusThe "Basic Anthropology Seminar" will be held from April 2022 as a regular class in collaboration with NowDo Co., Ltd., which is represented by Keisuke Honda, and Teikyo University.

Teikyo University provides a place for diversity education through sports training with Practical learning Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Keisuke Honda), an IT venture company in the education business. From 2022, we will hold a "Basic Seminar on Human Studies" for the purpose of deepening and researching specialized knowledge as a regular class at Teikyo University Hachioji Campus.

Background of the establishment of this class

Since October 2018, the Yokohama Sports Medical Center has entered into a business alliance with Keisuke Honda to provide training and conditioning support for him. In collaboration with NowDo, Keisuke Honda, who is active in a wide range of fields such as corporate managers, sports education and instructors, as well as the title of professional soccer player, will be newly established. became.

Class outline

Education business IT venture company "NowDo" with Keisuke Honda who has cultivated a career as a professional soccer player in Japan and overseas (playing in the Netherlands, Russia, Italy, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Lithuania / also serving as GM for Cambodia) Mr. Ryosuke Suzuki, the executive vice president who founded the company, will practice the education business with a case study and practice to promote social circumstances in other countries, poverty problems, education Practical learning problems in Japan and club activity reform with Honda. The purpose is to be enjoyed by our students. The purpose of this lecture is to have students study "the basics of anthropology through sports Practical learning," which is a business-oriented, philosophical, and pedagogical way of thinking.

Achievement goal of class

  • ・ To acquire the ability to actually take action to eliminate sports disparity
  • ・ Acquiring "true diversity / diversity" through the Practical learning training of Keisuke Honda
  • ・ To deepen and study specialized knowledge on various issues in the Japanese sports and education worlds.
  • ・ Being interested in social contribution activities and SDGs


Teikyo University
Takashi Oyama, Associate Professor Department of Business Administration Faculty of Faculty of Economics

NowDo Co., Ltd.
Ryosuke Suzuki, Executive Vice President and COO
Director CXO Project Manager Yusuke Tsuka
Lead engineer Hiroshi Sugimoto
Service Manager Masanobu Tsuda

Class contents / partial outline

Course content Partial overview
What is a sports business? ・ The current state of the sports world and the world that Keisuke Honda is aiming for
Launch of sports school (soccer school) ・ To expand soccer schools to about 60 locations nationwide
What is sports education with overseas children? ・ Cultural differences and sports education seen from overseas expansion
Sports and city planning ・ Creating a city through sports with companies and government
To launch a new sports business ・ Launch of wearable sensing device "Knows", sports x English "SGIS International Preschool"
What is NowDo Co., Ltd. ・ What kind of world is NowDo Co., Ltd. aiming for?
What is the sports matching app "NowEX"? ・ What kind of background was NowEX launched to solve the problems of the current sports world?
Until a sports matching service is available using apps and the web ・ What do you need to do to create an app?
・ What is a product manager?
・ What kind of technology is needed to develop an app?
・ How will the on-site verification and demonstration projects proceed?
・ How will local governments and business collaboration proceed?
Let's actually use the app to develop services around you ・ Actually become a person in NowDo and develop services

Comment from NowDo Co., Ltd.

Keisuke Honda is the representative and has a vision of "creating a world where everyone in the world can continue to pursue their dreams." Representative Honda visited a local orphanage when he participated in the 2010 South Africa World Cup. What I witnessed there were children who got sick, children who got involved in crime, and children who were not well educated. From that scene, I strongly embraced the desire to eliminate this social problem of educational disparity and established a school. NowDo, a social online school, is open to students under the age of 25. We mainly operate the online lectures that can be learned from free by professionals who are active at the forefront of each industry, and the educational SNS "Classroom" that anyone can easily match with professionals and aim for first-class skills. increase. As a new initiative from April 2022, we hope that the lessons will allow students to acquire the ability to actually take action in order to eliminate sports disparities through collaborative learning with Teikyo University students.

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