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April 5, 2024

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We will be airing our new commercial and displaying "#TeikyoStudentReal2024" advertisements.

Teikyo University (Headquarters: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Yoshihito Okinaga) will release a new commercial depicting new encounters in the "10 faculties of Teikyo University" with the catchphrase "By encountering a world I didn't know, I become myself" from Saturday, April 6, 2024. The new commercial features music by Kan Sano and animation by more than 10 popular illustrators, depicting the encounters that students have in campus life in each of the 10 faculties of the university with illustrations of different styles.

In addition, to coincide with the entrance ceremony on April 4th and 6th, we will be releasing "#TeikyoStudentReal2024," which will allow students to get a glimpse into the "real" campus life of current students. In order to convey the appeal of our university, we conducted an experiment in which we gave specially designed cameras to current students who know the university best and had them take photos of real campus life. From the 4,219 photos taken, we created 16 types of graphic advertisements using 107 photos. The graphic advertisements will be deployed at our Hachioji Campus and in the nearby shopping district to welcome new students.

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"By encountering a world I never knew existed, I become more myself." Advertisement image
"The Real Teikyo Students 2024" advertising image

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