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February 29, 2024

Hachioji CampusEkiden (Road Relay) Club runners in a training camp sponsored by the Japan Blind Marathon Association (JBMA).

From February 17 (Sat.) to 21 (Wed.), 2024, the Japan Blind Marathon Association (JBMA) held a training camp in Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture, and Yutaro Nomura (Faculty of Economics, 3rd year) and Ryosei Gayama (Faculty of Medical Technology, 1st year) from Teikyo University Ekiden (Road Relay) Club participated as volunteer runners.
Since the appointment of Takayuki Nakano as director of this club, we have continued to actively dispatch members of the club and will continue to support para-athletes in their athletic endeavors in the future.

Comments from participating students

Yutaro Nomura (3rd year, Faculty of Economics)
I learned a lot from working with blind marathon runners. I was very impressed by how they thought about track and field more than they did, such as practicing on as flat a surface as possible to prevent falls, and arranging the practice menu instead of just doing what they were instructed to do. I learned a lot. I also realized for myself how great and difficult it is to be a support runner.

Ryonari Kayama (1st year Faculty of Medical Technology)
This was my first time participating in a blind marathon training camp. At first, it was difficult to synchronize strides and rhythm because the escorts had to hold one rope and run like three legs. However, with repeated practice, I gradually got used to it and was able to accompany it well. What I thought was important was to act as the other person's eyes and convey information immediately so that the other person did not feel anxious. Through this training camp, I was able to learn many things such as cooperation, communication, and trust, which I will use in my future life.

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