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January 31, 2024

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Tokyo's Innovation Frontier: Teikyo University Joins University Startup Creation Initiative

In a bold stride towards fostering innovation, Teikyo University Educational Corporation secures a coveted spot among the 10 institutions enlisted in the "University Startup Creation Support Project" spearheaded by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. This strategic initiative seeks to propel promising research endeavors into the realm of commercial viability, harnessing Tokyo's status as a bastion of knowledge and a hub of academic prowess.
The brainchild of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's visionary "Global Innovation with STARTUPS" strategy, unveiled in November 2022, this project embodies a forward-looking "10x10x10 innovation vision," poised to shape the future landscape of startups on a global scale. At its core lies a mission to nurture startups with international resonance while fostering robust public-private partnerships to catalyze innovation. To this end, the collaborative efforts of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Campus Create Co., Ltd., as the coordinating entity, extend financial support and mentorship to propel diverse initiatives, spanning from the commercialization of university research seeds to the refinement of internal frameworks for incubating university-driven startups.

Embracing the mantle of this initiative, Teikyo University sets its sights on cultivating pragmatic and groundbreaking "Practical Learning Start-up Companies" by leveraging cross-disciplinary collaborations bridging medical engineering and the fusion of arts and sciences. With a steadfast commitment to fortify the scaffolding of support from inception to fruition, the university pledges to harness this opportunity to actualize innovative ventures with tangible societal impact. As Teikyo University embarks on this transformative journey, the horizon gleams with the promise of novel solutions and paradigm-shifting enterprises, testament to Tokyo's enduring legacy as an epicenter of ingenuity and progress.

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