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December 08, 2022

Kasumigaseki CampusTeikyo University Business Idea Contest 2022 finalists have been decided

On Wednesday, November 23, 2022, entries for the Teikyo University Business Idea Contest 2022 have closed, and TUFS students (Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Language Studies , Faculty of Medical Technology) received a total of 222 applications. This contest is Advanced Comprehensive Research Organization promotion of industry-academia collaboration between TUFS. Head of Center・Professor Hodaka Nakanishi, TUFS students, alumni, faculty members, and corporate representatives collaborate to provide an opportunity for students to face entrepreneurship, While exchanging opinions and interacting with diverse participants, we aim to foster independent learning and a venture mindset.

This time, "Your" I wish it was more like this! Under the theme of "Let's solve this," we solicited ideas to solve the ambiguity that we feel in our daily lives and ideas that would make someone smile. As a result of document screening, 10 teams will be selected as finalists, and the finalists will participate in a training camp held at the university's Hakone Seminar House and work on polishing their presentations. After that, on December 20, 2022 (Tuesday), they will challenge the “Final Presentation Competition” for the President of Teikyo University ’s Award, which will be held at the Hachioji Campus of the university.

Click here for Teikyo University Business Idea Contest 2022


  • Takumi Tanaka (Faculty of Education Faculty of Economics, 2nd year)
  • Teikyo University Digital Campus Site/App “T-BASE” Mr. Rei Watanabe (3rd year, Faculty of Economics)
  • Pajamas that keep your feet warm Mao Suzuki (3rd year, Faculty of Economics)
  • "KAIKA" where flowers bloom because you work hard Mr. Makoto Fujii (3rd year, Faculty of Economics)
  • Creating forests for a society that makes people smile "Mori+" Mr. Taiki Ozawa (2nd year, Faculty of Economics)
  • Maegami Mikoto ~A disordered bangs is a disordered heart~ Saki Obuchi (3rd year, Faculty of Economics)
  • Athletic clothing that feels like a community Koyo Meguro (2nd year, Faculty of Education)
  • Rental elegance "GENTAL" Keito Yamagishi (3rd year, Faculty of Economics)
  • Help Pocket Rina Saida (Faculty of Economics, 4th year)
  • TUDOIBA, a place for local communities connected through cooking Nomu Yamada (2nd year, Faculty of Liberal Arts)

Document screening judge (honorifics omitted)

  • Advanced Comprehensive Research Organization Nakanishi (Head of Center Professor the Jury)
  • Masaru Isoyama Professor Faculty of Faculty of Economics
  • Ryuichi Urayama, Visiting Professor, Toyama University of International Studies
  • Faculty of Economics Senior Assistant Professor Junichi Owaki
  • Yuko Toda Senior Assistant Professor, Industry-Academia Collaboration Promotion Center, Advanced Comprehensive Research Organization
  • Kohei Misato, Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, Waseda University
  • Hachioji Campus Office


Organizer: Okinaga Research Institute
Co-sponsored by Teikyo University Center for Industry-University Advanced Comprehensive Research Organization, Teikyo University Faculty of Faculty of Economics
Cooperation: Teikyo University Museum

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