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November 11, 2022

Yohei Yamazaki, captain of the Hachioji Campussemi-hardball baseball team, will participate in the All Japan University semi-hardball East-West Koshien Koshien Tournament.

On Sunday, November 13, 2022, Mr. Yohei Yamazaki (Faculty of Economics 3rd year) will participate.

This tournament is held to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the semi-hardball baseball federation, and the East and West semi-hardball baseball teams will compete against each other to be the best in Japan. Twenty-five players each from the East and West teams will be selected from among the more than 270 universities that are members of the federation. Mr. Yamazaki was selected as a pitcher for the East Japan Select Team in recognition of his achievements so far. Ms. Akikari Okada, a student of our university (Faculty of Medical Technology 4th year) will also participate in this competition as a trainer.

Yamazaki, who was interviewed by TV Kanagawa after being selected for the national team, said, "I didn't get many results in high school baseball, and there were parts where I was burned out, but when I decided to go to Teikyo University, I decided to continue my high school career. I thought I'd give semi-hardball baseball a try on the recommendation of my manager.Unlike high school, when I couldn't afford it, I started to think about the purpose of practice and what I could do to make up for what I lacked. I thought Koshien was a place I couldn't go to anymore, so I'm very happy to participate in the tournament. I want to face the batters in western Japan with strong pitching without flinching." Did. The tournament will be held with an audience, but it will also be streamed live on YouTube on the day, so please pay attention to the activities of our students in semi-hardball baseball.

Click here for the live broadcast of the tournament
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