Common questions from international students

Some common questions about accommodation, timetables, living expenses and course guidance are listed below.

Entrance examination

Q: Which faculties have separate entrance examinations for international students?

A: The Economics, Law, Liberal Arts, Foreign Languages, Education and Engineering faculties have separate entrance examinations for international students. For the School of Medicine and the Faculties of Pharma-Science and Medical Technology, you need to go through the standard application procedure and sit the standard entrance examination.

Q: Can I start in September?

A: No, we do not accept students in September. All students begin in April.

Q: What is the application process for international students?

A: You have a choice of two application processes.
Type A involves the application form and documentation, an interview and a short essay in Japanese of around 400 to 600 characters.
Type B involves the application documents and interview together with your score on the Japanese Exchange Student exam.
For more information refer to the Entrance Examination for International Student page.

Q: Can I transfer across from another university?

A: Yes, provided that you satisfy the eligibility criteria. For more information refer to the Entrance Examination for International Student page.

Q: Where can I get the application form?

A: The Teikyo University Foreign Exchange Student application form is available here.

Life on campus

Q: Is there student accommodation on campus?

A: The University does not have its own accommodation facilities; however we can arrange accommodation at designated properties.

Q: How do the weekly timetables operate?

A: Classes are held from Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 4:15 pm. Each class lasts for 90 minutes. There are different classes every day.

Q: Are we allowed to use computers?

A: The library MELIC network provides internet access. Many students choose this option.

Q: About how much per month does it cost to live in Tokyo?

A: The only expenses payable to the university are your tuition fees. Other than that, your cost of living expenses, including textbooks, stationery and travel, would be about ¥100,000 per month.

Course guidance

Q: What can I study once I've finished the Japanese Language Course?

A: You can enroll in one of our faculties or departments at Teikyo University or one of the affiliated institutions of the Teikyo University group, or move to another university. We can provide you with course guidance and assist with application procedures including essay writing, practice tests and interview tips and techniques.