Faculty of Law

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Meeting the never-ending demand for legal services

The Faculty of Law offers a topical and relevant curriculum designed to encourage logical and reasoned thinking on globalization of business and changes in the environment, covering areas such as the basic spirit of the law, fundamental legal expertise, logical thinking and effective decision-making skills. Expert instructors drawn from government, academia, private industry and the legal profession provide students with real-world examples of how the law functions in society.

Admission policy

In accordance with School Philosophy, the Faculty of Law aims to equip students with fundamental knowledge in the fields of law and political science, while instilling well-balanced judgment and logical thinking styles through the University's educational policies of "practical learning," "international perspective" and "open-mindedness."

The study of areas such as law and political science entails fostering a firm understanding of increasingly complex problems faced by contemporary society and utilizing ethical, critical thinking to develop future-oriented approaches and policies, all of which require open-minded perspectives and various kinds of knowledge. Therefore, students should study widely and thoroughly in all basic areas of education during high school and other academic years before entering the University.

We seek candidates who, through pursuit of the foregoing during their high school years (or at other educational institutions), have developed the following:

  1. 1. A strong interest in society and a desire to study it further, as well as the ability to succinctly express one's own thoughts.
  2. 2. The academic abilities needed to pursue studies in this area after entering the University, along with a wide range of perspectives and the ability to think about a variety of different subjects in a multifaceted and logical manner.
  3. 3. The will to work with others, regardless of interpersonal differences, and the drive to actively pursue better communication.

Key facts

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Teaching staff * 46
Students * 1,899

* As of May 1st, 2019