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September 13, 2022

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Correspondence Course2022 Autumn Online Individual Consultation

In the Teikyo University Correspondence Course, We will hold an online individual consultation using Zoom on the following schedule vinegar.
As it is a reservation system in advance, Please apply at least 3 days before the date you wish to participate. It is planned to be about 20 minutes per person, I can talk to you individually, so Please feel free to contact us at this opportunity.


September 2022
7th (Wednesday), 8th (Thursday), 14th (Wednesday), 15th (Thursday) ①16:30-17:00
10th (Sat), 17th (Sat) ①9:30~10:00/②10:20~10:50/③11:10~11:40

October 2022
5th (Wednesday), 6th (Thursday), 19th (Wednesday), 20th (Thursday) ①16:30-17:00
15th (Sat), 29th (Sat) ①9:30~10:00/②10:20~10:50/③11:10~11:40

Please check here for details such as how to apply

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