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August 9, 2022

The Hachioji CampusGraduate School of Teacher Education Education held an open class, "Reflection to Encourage Deep Learning for Teachers"

On Saturday, July 23, 2022, at the Teikyo University Hachioji Campus, Teikyo University Graduate School Graduate School of Teacher Education(Graduate School of Teacher Education ) held a face-to-face public class for the first time in three years. A total of 76 people, including teachers from the school site, school board officials, and alumni, participated in the event, and it was a great success.

In the open class, the theme was "Reflection that encourages deep learning for teachers" rather than "Reflection in educational practice", and visitors experienced reflection that touched "view". In this class, we believe that one of the qualities of a teacher is to have a firm "view" of education, Graduate School, and teaching materials. I cherish our time together. On the day of the event, after a lecture on reflection led by Daisuke Machizashi, a Senior Assistant Professor the Graduate School of Teacher Education Education, students were divided into groups of 4 to 5 people and worked in groups using image cards. At the round table, students, teachers, and visitors freely expressed their daily thoughts and thoughts and exchanged opinions. According to the questionnaire from the participants, "For the first time, I was consciously feeling the experience that shakes my 'view'. I believe that all teachers want to continue to learn and grow, so I thought it would be great if we could create a place where everyone could talk like this." There were impressions such as "It's time for a certain time" and "I want to continue participating".
In the future, we will continue to make our Graduate School learning available to teachers, board of education officials, and members of the local community so that as many people as possible can learn about our Graduate School of Teacher Education of Teacher Education.

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