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April 26, 2022

Associate Professor Kawamura will appear on BS Asahi's "“One’s way”-Seekers of" Knowledge "-"

Masaaki Kawamura, Associate Professor the Department of Department of Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Faculty of Science and Engineering and Technology, will appear in the full-scale documentary program "“One’s way”-Seekers of" Knowledge "-" broadcast from 23:00 on Saturday, April 30, 2022.
The Space Systems Study Group of our university has succeeded in launching the microsatellite "Teikyo Sat-4" manufactured in November 2021. Currently, Teikyo Sat-4 is orbiting the earth. BS Asahi's "“One’s way”-Seekers of" Knowledge "-" will introduce the style of Associate Professor Kawamura, who developed a microsatellite with students and launched it into space. We are paying attention to the way of life of Associate Professor Kawamura, who pursues “One’s way” with aspirations and nurtures “One’s way” of students with passion. Please take a look.

Program introduction

Program title: "“One’s way”-Seekers of" knowledge "-"
BS Asahi Broadcast every Saturday from 23:00 to 23:30

A documentary program that is closely related to those who are willing to pursue “One’s way”. There are many people in the world, such as researchers, artists, athletes, comedians, etc., who devote themselves to exploring something. When the flower of the quest blooms, the results of the quest will be seen by many people, but even at this moment, many people are living hard and harsh days of quest. And there are a lot of passionate feelings that we don't usually see. This program introduces people who pursue aspirational quests as the main characters every time. From prominent figures to those who have never been exposed to the sun, this is a program that covers the "hot quest" and its "style".

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